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Concluso Fri Mar 15 2019Sat Mar 16 2019
Tutto Questo Sentire: Excercises on Displacement 1/5

Exercises on Displacement is a series of five events to be held in London over the course of 2019, in five different venues. The programme brings together more than 20 artists and ensembles: an international line-up of new commissions, performances and discussions around the theme of displacement. The events are staged through Tutto Questo Sentire […]

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Concluso Fri Mar 15 2019Fri Mar 15 2019
New connections for Art in a Digital World: a talk with Annie Ratti e Giorgio Verzotti

Annie Ratti will be in conversation with Giorgio Verzotti What is the function of the work of art in an era of digital communication in which social networks instantly connect us with the entire hyper-capitalised world? Annie Ratti’s work focuses on the everyday experience of the human body. She makes different kinds of habitable structures […]

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Concluso Thu Mar 14 2019Thu Mar 14 2019
Presentation of the book “Anita” by Alain Elkann with Sandro Veronesi

Presentation of the new novel Anita by Alain Elkann The author will be in conversation with Sandro Veronesi Anita left, thus ending a love-story that seemed would have lasted forever. Milan is unprepared, sad, entangled by regrets and nostalgia which induce him to imagine, as a consolation, how that love would have been if they […]

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Concluso Wed Mar 13 2019Wed Mar 13 2019
Presentation of the book “Italiani si rimane” by Beppe Severgnini

Il Circolo and Fondazione Rava NPH presents “Italiani si rimane” by Beppe Severgnini The author will be in conversation with Enrico Franceschini An ironic, emotional, and educational journey: the book retraces Severgnini’s life from his first steps in journalism under the guide of Indro Montanelli to his first article on The New York Times, trying […]

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Concluso Tue Mar 12 2019Tue Mar 12 2019
La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #3

10 talks on the Italian language “The most beautiful in the world” is supposed to be a supermodel and yet in Italy the expression is more often than not used to define Italian language. Is Italian truly the most beautiful language in the world? It is commonplace, due to either italophilia or nationalism, but is […]

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Concluso Mon Mar 11 2019Mon Mar 11 2019
Presentation of the book “Città irreale” by Cristina Marconi

Presentation of the book Città irreale by Cristina Marconi The author will be present in conversation with Enrico Franceschini, journalist of “La Repubblica” and Marco Delogu, Director of the Institute. Città irreale is a novel about the city that has become a magnet for all souls: London. It is set in 2007, when the economic […]

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Concluso Fri Mar 08 2019Fri Mar 08 2019
The Luisa Selis Fellowship – Gianmarco Mancosu: Sardinia Outside the Island.

The Italian Cultural Institute is delighted to host Gianmarco Mancosu, the second holder of the Luisa Selis Fellowship. Funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna in memory of anthropologist Luisa Selis, who specialised in the cultural memory of Sardinia, the fellowship enables researchers in this field (ethnography, anthropology and/or literature for example) to conduct research at […]

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Concluso Thu Mar 07 2019Thu Mar 07 2019
Figlie del padre. Passione e autorità nella letteratura occidentale

Presentation of the book by Maria Serena Sapegno The author will be in conversation with Abigail Brundin The history of literature is full of authors that have investigated the relationship between fathers and daughters, often giving voice to the daughters’ point of view, as Sophocles did with Antigone, Shakespeare with Cordelia, or Philip Roth with Merry […]

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Concluso Tue Mar 05 2019Tue Mar 05 2019
Pure Invention. Twelve variations on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Presentation of the book by Lisa Ginzburg. The author will be in conversation with Jhumpa Lahiri and Marco Mancassola. Mary Shelley – the daughter of a feminist philosopher and of a political philosopher – starts to write as a game, in 1816, the novel of the new Prometheus: the story of Frankenstein and of the […]

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Concluso Mon Mar 04 2019Fri Mar 08 2019
Italian Short Stories on tour with Jhumpa Lahiri

In occasion of the release of The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories, Jhumpa Lahiri, who edited and translated some of the stories, will present the collection and discuss about Italian language and literature, the process of translation, as well as the experience of working across multiple languages and cultures. The Penguin Book of Italian […]

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