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Monday 19 January 7.00 pm
Opening Talk
by Paul Daniel
(Music Director, English National Opera)

Tuesday 20 January 6.30pm 
Book presentation (in English)
The New History of the Italian South
Edited by Robert Lumley and Jonathan Morris
Christopher Duggan (Univ. of Reading), Robert Leonardi (LSE) and Vincenzo Ruggiero (Middlesex Univ) present the work of a new generation of historians who shed a different light on the history of Southern Italy.

Monday 26 January 7.00 pm
Cipher and Reality
by John Bright (Costume Designer, Royal Opera House)
Different approaches to costume design in opera.


Monday 2 February 7.00 pm
Italian Opera in Britain in 19th Century
by Roderick Swanston (Principal Lecturer and Head of Academic Studies at the Royal College of Music)

Friday 6 February 6.30pm 
Book presentation (in English - with slides)
Bernini: a Sculptor of Genius
by Charles Avery
Terence Mullaly, art historian and critic, presents the new essay on the baroque genius by Charles Avery, published by Thames and Hudson on the occasion of the 1998 Bernini celebrations.

Monday 9 February 7.00 pm
The Auteur in Opera: Future or Futile
by Stuart Maunder (Stage Director, Royal Opera House)
The role of the opera director today: Traditional v. Modern.

Wednesday 11 February 6.30pm
Lecture (in English)
The changing Italian corporate world
by Letizia Moratti

Thursday 12 February 6.30pm
Book presentation (in English and Italian)
Gabriele D'Annunzio:Defiant Archangel
by J.R.Woodhouse
John Dickie (UCL), Denis Mack Smith and Pietro Antonelli discuss Woodhouse's new D'Annunzio biography (Oxford University Press ) with the author.

Monday 16 February 7.00 pm
Life on the High C's
by Valerie Masterson (Soprano)

19 February 5.30pm
Italy , Europe and immigration: between rigour and social integration
by On.Livia Turco, Minister for Social Solidarity

Friday 20 February 7.00pm
Harpsichord and Viola da Gamba Recital 
by Massimo Redaelli
Italy and Europe across three centuries
A recital of music from 1520 to 1730 including works by Frescobaldi, J.S.Bach, Telemann, Antico, Dalla Casa, Trabaci, Bonizzi, Kerll.
Tickets: £6 (Members: £3) at the door or bookable in advance on 020 7235 1461

23 February 5.30pm
The Liberalisation of the European energy market: the case of Italy
by Chicco Testa, Chairman, National Electricity Board.
For further information please phone 0171 955 6824

Monday 23 February 7.00 pm
(Title to be announced)
by William Mival (Composer, lecturer and broadcaster, Royal College of Music)

Tuesday 24 February 6.30pm
Life into words: Claudio Magris's literary biography
Claudio Magris in conversation with Dennis Marks (broadcaster and filmmaker)
Claudio Magris was born in Trieste, where he still lives and lectures at the University. He has written on the culture of Austro-Hungary and Mitteleuropa, on Joseph Roth and the Hebraic-oriental tradition. His essay Danubio has been immensely successful and has been translated in many languages, including English (Collins Harvill, 1989). English translations also include Inferences from a Sabre(Polygon 1989) and A different Sea (Collins Harvill 1991).


Monday 2 March 7.00 pm
The Path to Performance: Vocal Preparations for the Stage
by Martin Merry (Chorus Master, Teatro Real, Madrid)

Tuesday 3 March 6.30pm
Lecture (in English - with slides)
The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art
by Alexandra Noble
A new museum of modern art has opened in London. Northampton Lodge, a handsome building in Canonbury Square, Islington, houses the Eric and Salome Estorick Foundation and its outstanding art collection.
Eric Estorick (1913-1993), an American sociologist of Russian origin, started his collection buying drawings in 1946. Soon after he met Salome Dessau (1920-1989), an art student daughter of a Nottingham textile manufacturer, who became his wife and helped him buy on a larger scale. Their collection of Italian art, including the best Futurist paintings outside Italy, was shown in 1956 at the Tate Gallery. Alexandra Noble, Museum Curator, gives an illustrated talk introducing the new museum and its unique collection.

Friday 6 March 6.30pm
Lecture (in English)
Mazzini: a Democrat in London 1837-1847
by Salvo Mastellone (University of Florence).
Former president of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, Salvo Mastellone is also editor of "Il Pensiero Politico". His works include Storia ideologica dell'Europa dal XV al XX secolo, Storia della democrazia in Europa and Storia del pensiero politico europeo.

Monday 9 March 7.00 pm
Creating the Tradition: a Conductor's Role in New Opera
by Richard Bernas (Conductor)

Tuesday 10 March 6.30pm
Classics Ancient and Modern
Maurizio Bettini in conversation with Nicholas Mann
Maurizio Bettini is Professor of Greek and Latin Philology at the University of Siena. Secretary of the Association for Anthropology and the Ancient World, he is also founder and director of the Centre for the Study of Anthropology and Ancient Culture in Siena. A regular contributor to La Repubblica, Bettini's works include Studi e note su Ennio, Anthropology and Roman Culture, Il ritratto dell'amante (the English version will be shortly published by University College Press ), I classici nell'età' dell'indiscrezione and many others.
Nicholas Mann is the Director of the Warburg Institute.

Thursday 19 March 6.30pm
Lecture (in Italian with simultaneous translation)
A Life in Journalism: the Power and the Press
by Eugenio Scalfari

Thursday 26 March 6.30pm
Lecture (in English - with slides)
The Piero Manzoni Exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery
by Suzanne Cotter
To coincide with this important Italian retrospective exhibition (28 February - 26 April) at the reopened Serpentine Gallery, Suzanne Cotter (Exhibition Organiser) gives an illustrated talk on Piero Manzoni, one of Italy's leading artists in the 1950s and early 1960s, who anticipated subsequent artistic movements such as conceptual art, performance art and arte povera.

Monday 30 March 7.00pm
Piano Recital by Maurizio Baglini
Programme: Chopin, Etudes Opus 10, Etudes Opus 25, Trois Nouvelles Etudes.
Maurizio Baglini
Tickets: £6 (Members: £3)
an the door or bookable in advance on 020 7235 1461


Monday 20 April 6.30pm
Lecture (in English, with slides)
Italy in the Age of Turner
by Desmond Shawe-Taylor, Director of the Dulwich Picture Gallery
A joint event with the British-Italian Society

Wednesday 22 April 6.30pm
Genus Italicum. L'identità letteraria italiana nel corso del tempo (in Italian)
Alberto Asor Rosa in conversation with Patrick Boyde
Alberto Asor Rosa is Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". His publications include Scrittori e popolo (1965), Il caso Verga (1968), Intellettuali e classe operaia (1982), L'ultimo paradosso (1985), Storia della Letteratura Italiana (1985), Fuori dall'Occidente. Ovvero ragionamento sull'Apocalisse (1992). He is editor-in-chief of the Storia della Letteratura Italiana published by Einaudi.
Patrick Boyde is Serena Professor of Italian Literature at the University of Cambridge.


Thursday 7 May 7.00pm
Lama di luce nel buio (A Shaft of Light in the Darkness)
Music by Federico Bonetti Amendola.
Francesca Flore, soprano Federico Bonetti Amendola, piano

Monday 11 May 6.30pm
Book presentation (in English and Italian)
Politica e affetti familiari. Lettere dei Rosselli ai Ferrero (1917-1943)
by Marina Calloni and Lorella Cedroni
The authors present the recently published collection of letters of two Italian families in exile and discuss their political and cultural implications with Richard Lamb, Laura Lepschy and Emmanuela Tandello.

Tuesday 12 May 6.30pm
Gian Francesco D'Asola and the Tipografia Aldina (in English)
Aldo Manuzio, founder of the Venice-based "Tipografia Aldina" (1495-1514), is famous for his editions in Greek, Latin and Italian, which were characterized by a new format (in octavo), a new font (italico) and the famous logo with a dolphin winding round an anchor. But little is known about Gian Francesco D'Asola, who succeeded Aldo Manuzio to the head of the Tipografia Aldina from 1517 to 1529.
Annaclara Cataldi Palau in conversation with Martin Lowry and Nigel Wilson
Annaclara Palau studied Classics in Genoa and Greek Paleography at the Sorbonne. In 1994 she was commissioned to catalogue the Greek manuscripts in the Bodleian Library. Gian Francesco D'Asola e la Tipo-grafia Aldina (Sagep, 1998) is her latest publication.
Martin Lowry teaches at the University of Warwick.
Nigel Wilson is the Vice President of Lincoln College, Oxford.

Tuesday 19 May 7.00pm
at the Italian Cultural Institute
Jet Theatre presents a rehearsed reading (script-in-hand performance) of a new English version of the great Italian comedy classic Gl'Ingannati (The Deceived). Kenneth Rea has adapted this from a specially commissioned literal translation by Professor Christopher Cairns, Head of Italian Drama at the University of Westminster.
Gl'Ingannati is the source play for Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and it will be given a full production by Jet Theatre in November at Riverside Studios. The play concerns a young woman, Lelia, who disguises herself as a boy in order to be near the man she loves. But he loves another, Isabella, and sends Lelia to deliver his declaration of love. Isabella, however, falls madly in love with the disguised Lelia causing romantic chaos.
Jet Theatre has been set up by Kenneth Rea. Through his production and teaching at one of Britain's top drama schools - Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in the Barbican - he has helped mould a new generation of exciting actors.
The new translation and the rehearsed reading of Gl'Ingannati have been supported by the Italian Cultural Institute.

Thursday 21 May 6.30pm
Lecture (in Italian with simultaneous translation)
L'Italia, una società che cresce dal basso
by Giuseppe De Rita

Tuesday 26 May 6.30pm
Lecture (in English, with video screenings)
Dario Fo in the 90s: The Nobel Prize for Theatre
by Christopher Cairns, University of Westminster

Wednesday 27 May 6.30pm
Lecture (in Italian)
La lingua italiana: istruzioni per l'uso
by Arturo Barone


Thursday 4 June 7.00pm
Homage to the Piccolo Teatro of Milan
Film and Recital
A double bill to commemorate Giorgio Strehler, the celebrated Italian theatre director who died suddenly last December, and also to celebrate the 50 years of activity of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.

Tuesday 30 June 6.30pm
Lecture (in English)
Living with the Euro. Do we need a political Europe?
by Giuliano Amato


10 July - 21 August
Curzio Malaparte: a Dandy in Hell
A photographic exhibition
Thursday 9 July 5.30pm opening
On the occasion of the centenary of Curzio Malaparte's birth, the Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Municipality of Prato is pleased to present an exhibition of his photographic work.
Followed at 6.30pm by a talk by Renato Barilli (University of Bologna) and William Hope (Queen's University, Belfast) who will present and discuss the controversial figure of Curzio Malaparte.
The exhibition will include 70 works selected by curators Renato Barilli and Fabiano Fabbri. Most photographs were shot by Curzio Malaparte while working as a special correspondent in Africa (1939), Belgrade (1941), China (1957).
This event will offer the opportunity to explore the world of this many-sided and controversial figure who could be compared with similarly complex personalities such as D'Annunzio, Marinetti and Bontempelli.
Curzio Malaparte is the pseudonym of Curzio Suckert (Prato, 1898 - Roma 1957). Expelled from the Fascist Party, he became a journalist, working for important newspapers such as "Corriere della Sera", "La Stampa" and "Fiera Letteraria". During his life he was both attracted and repelled by the different ideologies of this century, eager to experience them but unable to join them. Author of many political essays, Curzio Malaparte is best known for his novels such as Kaputt (1945) and La Pelle (The Skin, 1949; film adaptation by Liliana Cavani 1980-81), which depicted post-war Italy in an unconventional and biting manner.


1st to 9 October
Giovan Battista Piranesi
Views of Rome
A joint event with Henry Sotheran Limited.
Opening: Thursday 1 October, 6.00 - 8.00pm
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 10am - 1pm, 2 - 5pm
Illustrated talk by Professor John Wilton-Ely.
From 1748 Piranesi spent the next 30 years perfecting a series of 135 imposing views of Rome. The juxtaposition of the classical and the baroque in his etchings explores Rome's lasting appeal.

Monday 5 October, 6.30pm
Book Presentation (in English)
Cool Britannia - Gli inglesi (e gli italiani) visti da Londra
by Antonio Polito (London correspondent of La Repubblica)
The new Londoner, Antonio Polito, offers an unbiased and humorous view of the political and social mores of cool Britannia.
Lord Dahrendorf, Eric Hobsbawm, Donald Sassoon and Antonio Armellini will discuss the book with the author.

Tuesday 13 October, 7.00pm
The Mirror and the Mask. The Commedia dell'Arte
Lecture-Recital by Giovanni Pampiglione (in Italian and English).
Giovanni Pampiglione has directed and taught extensively in Italy, Europe (notably in Poland) and the USA and is particularly rooted in the Commedia dell'Arte tradition. On the occasion of his British debut in conjunction with the Strehler celebrations at the Mountview Theatre School, the Roman director and teacher will offer an insight into the tradition of the Commedia dell'Arte.

15 to 30 October
Maurizio Galimberti:Live for the moment...
Opening: Thursday 15 October, 6.00 - 8.00pm (in the presence of the artist).
Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm, 2- 5pm.
Initially fascinated by the Cubist and Futurist movements, Maurizio Galimberti started his work with a Widelux camera. He moved on subsequently to Polaroid, which has been for the past ten years not only his technical medium but also a source of endless artistic inspiration. He was the founder of the "Polaroid pro arte" movement and is the inventor of the photographic mosaic, a technique he has particularly used to portray the world of the glitterati. Maurizio Galimberti is the recipient of the "Gran Prix Kodak Pubblicità Italia".
Sponsored by Polaroid.

Tuesday 20 October, 6.30pm
Book presentation (in English)
by Piero Boitani
Sir Frank Kermode and Gabriel Josipovici will discuss Boitani's last work on the world of the Bible and its literary echoes and repercussions through the centuries. Boitani's fascinating and erudite work is due to be published shortly by Oxford University Press (Re-Scriptures. The Bible and its Rewritings).

Tuesday 27 October, 7.00pm
Piano Recital
by Ivo Varbanov
Programme: Mozart, Sonata in C Minor K457; Schubert, Sonata in A Major Op.120; Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition.
Ivo Varbanov studied the piano in Milan under Ylonka Deckers. He is currently attending a postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Music in London under Frank Wibaut thanks to a Rotary Foundation scholarship. Ivo Varbanov has performed extensively in Italy and abroad. His CD of piano music by Mussorgsky (1997) has been enthusiastically reviewed by BBC
Music Magazine.


Monday 2 November, 6.30pm
Lecture (in Italian)
Traduzioni, mutazioni
by Valerio Magrelli
A talk by Valerio Magrelli on the occasion of his presence in London for the International Poetry
Festival at South Bank.
Valerio Magrelli is considered one of the best poets of his generation. He is an academic as well as a literary critic and a translator. Poesie (1980-1992) e altre poesie (Einaudi,1996) is the title of his collected works. His poems have been translated into many languages, including English. Valerio Magrelli has won the Viareggio Poetry Prize.
In Octavio Paz's view, Valerio Magrelli's poetry is like "a soliloquy written with a pencil and a small notebook during the latest and most silent hours of the night ".

12 to 27 November
Mimmo Jodice: Napoli
Opening: Thursday 12 November, 6.00 - 8.00pm (in the presence of the artist). Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm, 2 - 5pm
Mimmo Jodice, one of the most famous Italian photographers, has worked with many avant-garde artists such as Warhol, Rauschenberg, Beuys and Kounellis and has exhibited widely in Europe, the United States, Canada and China.
This exhibition offers a panorama of his photographs of his home town through the years.

Thursday 19 November, 6.30pm
Leconfield Lecture (in English)
Thinking Forward on Europe
by Lord Hurd of Westwell
An event of the British-Italian Society in conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute.
Lord Hurd of Westwell, former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 1989 to 1995, is currently Deputy Chairman, NatWest Markets.
The seats availability for this event is restricted. Those who wish to attend the Leconfield Lecture are kindly requested to contact the British-Italian Society by post (21/22 Grosvenor Street, London W1X 9FE).

Wednesday 25 November, 6.30pm
Book Presentation (in English)
The letters of Giacomo Leopardi 1817-1837 (Northern Universities Press)
Selected and translated by Prue Shaw.
Sir Frank Kermode, Paola Colaiacomo (University of Rome), Franco D'Intino (University of Birmingham), and Enrico Palandri (University College London) discuss with the editor this new translation of Leopardi's letters, not previously totally available in English.
Prue Shaw is the editor of Dante's Monarchia in the Cambridge Medieval Classics series. She is at present teaching at University College London.


Thursday 3 December, 7.00pm
Concert by Cromata
Per la Santissima Natività
Music by Mazzocchi, Ferrari, Kapsberger and Cazzati.
Cromata was founded in 1996 and specializes in the performance of Italian songs from the 17th and early 18th centuries. The performers in Cromata trained at the Royal College of Music, London. The ensemble has been awarded prizes for its performances in the UK and abroad and is supported by the National Lottery through the Arts Council of England.

10 December 1998 to 15 January 1999
1934: The Dream of a New Town.
Sabaudia and Rationalistic Architecture
A joint event with the Municipality of Sabaudia.
Opening: Thursday 10 December, 6.00 - 8.00pm.
Admission free but booking essential.
The exhibition will be open until 15 January 1999 Monday to Friday, 10am - 1pm, 2 - 5pm.
Sabaudia has become an icon of modernist architecture and town planning. Built in only 253 days between 1933 and 1934 after the reclaiming of the Pontine marshes, south of Rome, it was intended at the time as a showcase for the achievements of the Fascist regime. As a "new" town it was planned in every detail - from parks and markets to doorknobs to lamp-posts - by a team of brilliant architects who had won a national competition. The exhibition on Sabaudia will trace the history of the construction of the town through the original plans with the support of models, photographs and films.