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Enrico Franceschini in conversation with Maurizio Caprara



Enrico Franceschini in conversation with Maurizio Caprara

"SCOOP" (Feltrinelli editore), a novel by Enrico Franceschini

Who are the war correspondents? What exactly is their job? And how to become one of them?

Sent by mistake to a Central America country torn by civil war, the young and inexperienced reporter Andrea Muratori has in mind the romantic idea of the special correspondent, half secret agent, half playboy/adventurer. He is afraid to fail, but dreams to have the big break of his career.

However, when he find himself surrounded by cynical veterans, who spend their time by the pool in a luxury hotel, cheating on expenses, having fun and writing news more sensational that the competition, no matter if true or invented, his love for journalism becomes first disillusion and then disgust.

But one day what seems a comedy turns into drama and then he discovers that there is something heroic in that apparently crazy profession. Between trips to the jungle and mercenary loves, corrupt dictators and death squads, invisible spies and even more invisible guerrillas, Andrea learns his lessons and becomes a man.

Enrico Franceschini is the London correspondent of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, for which he previously worked in New York, Washington, Moscow and Jerusalem. For his coverage of post- Soviet Russia he won the Europe Prize for Journalism in 1994. He is the author of a dozen books of fiction and non-fiction, including Voglio l’America (2009) and Londra Babilonia (2011).

Maurizio Caprara began his career as a journalist at a very young age working for the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. In 1979 he started working for Il Corriere della Sera where since 1999 he has been the official diplomatic correspondent. In 2013 the former Italian President Giorgio Napolitano appointed him director of the Press and Communications Office of the Quirinale as a reward for his long and successful career.



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