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Sebastiano Dessanay and his music



Sebastiano Dessanay and his music

Sardinian composer and double bassist Sebastiano Dessanay presents ten new compositions written on poems by two Sardinian authors, Pasquale Dessanai, the famous poet from Nuoro, whose centenary from his death occurs in 2019, and Fanny Satta, from Gavoi, who at the age of 100 published a book of poetry in Italian.
Despite the music of Dessanay funds its roots in contemporary music of the twentieth century, is also characterized by a strong melodic sense that on this occasion has been deliberately accentuated in order to enrich and give a further dimension to the texts, in Sardinian dialect and Italian . The chosen poems deal with the most varied topics, from descriptions of landscapes, scenes and situations of Sardinian social life, to more universal themes such as the relationship between two lovers, aging, death.
The ensemble consists of professionals active in the field of contemporary music: Dave LePage on violin, Jack McNeill on clarinet, Melissa Morris on piano, Sebastiano Dessanay on double bass. The quartet will accompany the voice of baritone Themba Mvula.


Sebastiano Dessanay is a composer, double bassist and music educator resident in Birmingham. His music ranges from contemporary to jazz, highly informed by a strong sense of melody and attention to textural details. The double bass has a prominent role in his research and elements of improvisation often permeate his compositions.
Sebastiano has worked alongside and performed music by Harrison Birtwistle, David Lang, Louis Andriessen, Rhys Chatham, Heiner Goebbels, Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, Oscar Eldenstein, Michael Wolters, Joe Cutler.


Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Time: At 7:00 pm

Entrance : Free


IIC Londra