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Ten Shorts around the world - 2020 #2



Ten Shorts around the world - 2020 #2

The Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio presents 10 short films selected among the most significant and representative of last's year production.

In Italian with English subtitiles.


Il fagotto, by Giulia Giapponesi – 2019, 15'

Due to declining birthrate, a country is disappearing. The Government is applying harsh measures, and not just psychological ones: females who don’t contribute to the demographic future of the country are a problem, thus every year they are called to the Government Office to declare the reason why they haven’t had any babies in the past twelve months. In this out of time world, Bianca and Vittoria are completely at odds concerning their fertility time. They meet each other and are instantly driven to make a choice that could radically change their destiny..


Veronica non sa fumare, by Chiara Marotta – 2019, 20

Veronica is 17 years old and for a long time she has been spying from afar a life different from hers, and she chose it for herself. When she finally manages to approach Alessia, she immerses herself completely in this new world that appears to be the same and at the same time different from what she imagined.


Manica a vento, by Emilia Mazzacurati – 2019, 19'

On the rides of Marina di Cecina, a Tuscan village on the sea, a girl crosses, fearlessly and unconsciously, a track of bumper cars with bare feet. He approaches a boxing machine and throws a punch on the record punchingball. Ten years have passed and the girl has grown up. Mara now lives in a room in her father’s decadent hotel, in the same village, by the sea. She can’t go out alone. From the window of his room, a polaroid and a windsock that stands on the beach shoot at the same time every day.

The link to the booking will be available for 48 hours from 3 September.


Date: Friday, September 04, 2020

Organized by : ICI London

Entrance : Free