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Italian Fascism – 100 Years on: Gaetano Salvemini a Londra. Un antifascista in esilio (1925 - 1934)



Italian Fascism – 100 Years on: Gaetano Salvemini a Londra. Un antifascista in esilio (1925 - 1934)

A series of talks organised by ICI London and ASMI   

It was the world’s first fascist movement and would have a lasting and ongoing impact in political and social life in many regions of the world. To discuss its meaning and consequences, the Italian Cultural Institute will host a series of conversations and discussions looking at new research and contemporary interpretations of Italian fascism. Themes to be discussed include violence, antifascism, Mussolini as a model for other strongmen, the fascist empire, Mussolini and his image, the March on Rome, Italian history and violence and the biographies of leading fascists and antifascists.

Thursday 24 June, 6pm
Gaetano Salvemini a Londra. Un antifascista in esilio (1925 - 1934) by Alice Gussoni (Donzelli Editore)

Philip Cooke is Professor of Italian at Strathclyde University, where he is also Director of Research for the School of Humanities. Among his publications, Double Trouble: Gianpaolo Pansa's Il Sangue dei Vinti, from Novel to Film (2017), We all miss you: Enrico Berlinguer in post-Berlin Wall Italy (2016), Italian resistance writing in the years of the Second Republic (2015), Fascism and anti- Fascism (2015)

John Foot is Professor of Modern Italian History at the School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol. A renowned historian, Professor Foot spent twenty years in Milan in the 1980s and 1990s and specialises in twentieth century and contemporary Italian history on which he has published extensively. His publications include: Milan Since the Miracle; Calcio. A History of Italian Football; Italy's Divided Memory; Pedalare! Pedalare!; The Man Who Closed the Asylums and, more recently, The Archipelago. Italy since 1945. Professor Foot is also a regular contributor to The Guardian, the Times Literary Supplement and History Today.

Alice Gussoni obtained her DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Guido Bonsaver. Her DPhil thesis won the “Riconoscimento speciale del Presidente del Senato della Repubblica” at the XXIV edition of the Premio Spadolini Nuova Antologia. The monograph Gaetano Salvemini a Londra. Un antifascista in esilio (Donzelli, 2020) is the result of her doctoral studies. Currently, she is a tutor in Italian language at the University of Oxford, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. She is also a committee member of the Centre for European Studies based at the University of Verona. Her research interests include Fascism and anti-Fascism in Great Britain, exile studies, and migration studies.

Giuliana Pieri is Professor in Italian and the Visual Arts and Head of the School of Humanities at Royal Holloway University of London. She has published widely on 19th and 20th century visual culture, cultural history and popular literature. Her research interests are firmly in the area of comparative and interdisciplinary studies, especially the intersection of the verbal and the visual, and the role of Italian visual culture in the construction of Italian identity both in Italy and abroad. Recent volumes include The Cult of the Duce. Mussolini and the Italians (2013, with S. Gundle and C. Duggan), and Italian Crime Fiction (2011). As Principal Investigator, Pieri’s contribution to Interdisciplinary Italy 1900-2020: Interart/Intermedia focuses on Italian Modernism and the intersection between design (pre- and postwar) and Italian culture as part of the project’s collaboration with the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art.

Renato Camurri is Professor of Late Modern and Contemporary European History at the University of Verona.
He has conducted extensive research on nineteenth-century Italian and European political élites and ruling classes. In recent years his research has focused on the history of exile and cultural migration from Europe to United States during the Interwar period, on European Intellectuals history and on a cultural history of antifascism in a transnational perspective. He was Visiting Fellow at various European and American scientific and academic institutions.
His most recent publications in these fields of research include: Mussolini’s Gift. Exiles from Fascist (ed.), special issue of “Journal Modern Italian Studies” (2010), Gaetano Salvemini. Lettere americane. 1929-1949, Donzelli, 2015, Franco Modigliani. Rischio Italia. L’economia italiana vista dall’America (1970-2003), Donzelli, 2018.
He is one of the founders and coordinators of the annual Gaetano Salvemini Colloquium in Italian History and Culture, Harvard University.

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Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021

Organized by : ICI London

Entrance : Free


Online - Webex