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Encounter with Sardinian Cinema "Sardinian Visions" ("Visioni Sarde")



Encounter with Sardinian Cinema

Encounter with Sardinian Cinema “Visioni Sarde” (Sardinian Visions)

In Italian with English subtitles

18-24 July online

Founded in 2014 as part of the historic Festival Visioni Italiane (Italian Visions Festival) run by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, the festival showcases short films produced in Sardinia to promote young talent giving them the opportunity to reach the widest national and international audience.

The short films presented address the themes of local history and culture, escape and loss, as well as introspective analysis of the human soul, with a nostalgic and progressive, amused and disenchanted touch. All this is set against the backdrop of a Sardinia that is both contemporary and wild.

The titles played at the festival are:

Di notte c'erano le stelle di Naked Panda (2019/12')

Il Pasquino di Alessandra Atzori, Milena Tipaldo (2020/3')

Il volo di Aquilino di Davide Melis (2020/8')

L'Ultima Habanera di Carlo Costantino Licheri (2021/18')

L'uomo del mercato di Paola Cireddu (2020/20')

Margherita di Alice Murgia (2020/22')

Marina, Marina! di Sergio Scavio (2020/20')

Un piano perfetto di Roberto Achenza (2021/18')

Booking: Watch online on Vimeo. Links to the shorts will be available from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 July.

For more information (in Italian) click here

In collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna and Visioni da Ichnussa


Date: Da Monday, July 18, 2022 a Sunday, July 24, 2022

Entrance : Free