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Giorgio Agamben on philosophy and Pulcinella



Giorgio Agamben on philosophy and Pulcinella

Giorgio Agamben is one of the leading figures in philosophy and political theory. His unique readings of literature, literary theory, continental philosophy, political thought, religious studies and art have made him one of the most innovative thinkers of our time. He is especially well known around the world for his series of books on the Homo Sacer and on the State of Exception, his writings about the individual freedom of the human being, and the ensuing quality of life.
Among his most recent publications Pulcinella ovvero divertimento pe li regazzi (Edizioni Nottetempo, 2015), a study on the figure of Pulcinella as a symbol of Comedy, which has a longer and deeper history than the Tragedy. Agamben explores Pulcinella and its meaning in today’s time, when the world, he says, appears close to its end. Agamben draws inspiration from the paintings by Giandomenico Tiepolo (son of the more famous Giambattista), who celebrated this extravagant, elusive, two—faced, sarcastic character of the Commedia dell’Arte in a number of paintings and drawings, including the series Divertimento pe li regazzi (Fun for Kids), created in the late 18th Century. Agamben’s Pulcinella shows what can be done when any political action has become impossible and what can be said when the communication has suffocated every real word.

Followed by: Storie di Pulcinella, by Bruno Leone

A puppetry show focused on Pulcinella, the Neapolitan traditional mask who mocks and derides the powerful, and finds odd solutions to apparently impossible dilemmas. Its adventures are told by by Bruno Leone, a famous, multi-awarded Neapolitan “guarattellaro” (puppeteer), pupil of Maestro Nunzio Zampella.

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Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Time: At 7:00 pm

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