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Goodbye Dolce Vita



Goodbye Dolce Vita

The Italian Cultural Institute presents Goodbye Dolce Vita, a series of events which involve cinema, literature and art, running from the 19th to 23rd April 2016. The aim of the project is to show the generational changes on the Italian cultural scene: Does it still make sense to talk about “Italian Style”? What’s the relationship between Italian culture and its legacy?

As outside of Italy still prevails an idea of the country linked to old cultural categories (from Neorealism to the Decadentism of Visconti and Fellini), Goodbye Dolce Vita comes from the idea to go beyond, showing a slow but continuing change in the codes of Italian culture. Developed in London, a place always open to new ideas and other influences, the project aims to tell about a new Italy, a country more responsive to the realities of our time and yet aware of the past.

What’s the connection between the new Italian documentaries, prize-winners at international festivals, and the golden years of Cinecittà? How do the visual arts relate to the avant-gardes and the design tradition? Is there exist a contemporary literature that may achieve success outside the national borders as it’s happening with Elena Ferrante right now?

Goodbye Dolce Vita
, curated by Stefano Cipolla and Dario Pappalardo, will involve film directors Pietro Marcello and Roberto Minervini; artists Manuele Cerutti and Emiliano Ponzi; writers Claudia Durastanti, Giorgio Falco and Cristiano de Majo.

Tuesday 19
- 7.00pm, ICI, screening of The Passage by Roberto Minervini, followed by Q&A with the director.

Wednesday 20
- 12.00pm, ICI, press conference with the ICI Director Marco Delogu and the curators Stefano Cipolla and Dario Pappalardo.

Thursday 21
- 12.30pm, lunch and talk with Claudia Durastanti;
- 6.30pm, talk with Cristiano de Majo, Claudia Durastanti and Giorgio Falco;
- 8.00pm, opening of the exhibitions by Manuele Cerutti and Emiliano Ponzi (special thanks to ARTUNER).

Friday 22
- 12.30pm, lunch and talk with Cristiano de Majo;
- 5.30pm, reading group with Giorgio Falco; PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED
- 7.00pm, screening of The Mouth of the Wolf (La bocca del lupo) by Pietro Marcello, followed by Q&A with the director and the film editor Sara Fgaier.

Saturday 23
- 12.30pm, lunch and talk with Giorgio Falco.

More by filmmakers Roberto Minervini and Pietro Marcello at the ICA within the film festival Frames of Representation – supported by the Italian Cultural Institute. Dates and details below:

Wednesday 20
- 5.15pm, Performance and Reality: A Workshop with Roberto Minervini;
- 8.15pm, UK premiere screening of The Other Side (Lousiana) by Roberto Minervini, followed by Q&A with the director.

Saturday 23
- 4.15pm, The Art of the Edit: A Masterclass with Walter Murch;
- 6.30pm, UK premiere screening of Lost and Beautiful (Bella e perduta) by Pietro Marcello, followed by Q&A with the director.


Date: Da Tuesday, April 19, 2016 a Saturday, April 23, 2016

Organized by : ICI London

In collaboration with : ICA

Entrance : Free


ICI London