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Chi Siamo


Chi Siamo
The Italian Cultural Institute in London is the official Italian governmental body dedicated to promoting Italian language and culture in England and Wales. To this end the Institute:
    • Organises concerts, cultural events and exhibitions. 
    • Organises Italian courses. 
    • Facilitates initiatives that promote the Italian Language in England and Wales, including
      collaboration with Italian Lecturers at English, Welsh and Italian Universities. 
    • Encourages cultural and scientific collaboration between Italy and England/Wales. 
    • Establishes contacts with institutions, bodies and personalities in the English and Welsh arts and
      scientific communities to promote projects that further knowledge of Italian life and culture. 
    • Provides documentation and information about Italian cultural life and the institutions working in
      this field. 
    • Supports initiatives for the cultural development of the Italian community in England and Wales
      to facilitate both its integration in England/Wales and its cultural links with Italy.