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Information for librarians
Information for librarians

In the following pages we offer you a variety of recommended book titles for children in Italian divided in three groups:

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Carlo Collodi (Carlo Lorenzini, 1826-1890)
Carlo Collodi is the better known pen-name of Carlo Lorenzini, a journalist and writer born in Florence, who began writing children's books in 1876. Pinocchio's adventures, published in instalments on a children's magazine in 1881, became the greatest Italian modern best-seller, translated world-wide.

Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino
Baldini Castoldi & Dalai, 2001, ISBN 88-8089-519-2, € 6.20

Gianni Rodari (1920-1980)
Rodari showed us how to invite others to play with language. His books tell us stories, as well as showing us the process of making stories, and giving the tools to children to do the same. His stories, like children's drawing and painting, attract both adults and children.

Favole al telefono (with Tullio Altan)
Einaudi Ragazzi, 1995, ISBN: 88-7926-201-7, € 15
Filastrocche in cielo e in terra
Einaudi Ragazzi, 1996, ISBN: 88-7926-205-X, € 11.50
La freccia azzurra
Editori Riuniti, 2000, ISBN: 88-359-4975-0, € 11.36 
La filastrocca di Pinocchio
Editori Riuniti, 2002, ISBN: 88-359-5311-1, € 9
Gip nel televisore e altre storie in orbita
Einaudi Ragazzi, 2006, ISBN: 8879265571, € 9.50

Italo Calvino (1923-1985)
Italian novelist and journalist; his whimsical and imaginative fables made him one of the most important Italian fiction writers of the 20th century. Calvino left Cuba for Italy in his youth. He joined the Italian Resistance during World War II and after the war settled in Turin, obtaining his degree in literature while working for the publishing house Einaudi.

Il principe Canarino e altre fiabe
Einaudi Scuola, 2001, ISBN: 88-286-0566-9, € 7.45

Francesco Tullio Altan (1942)
Francesco Tullio-Altan was born in Treviso and currently lives in Aquileia. He started his career in Rome and Rio de Janeiro where he worked as a scriptwriter and a set designer both for cinema and television. For the children magazine Il Corriere dei Piccoli he created Pimpa, a dog who is the main character of comic strips. In the last few years, Pimpa has also been the main character of an animation film. His books are translated in many languages.

Kamillo Kromo
Ediz. Elle, 1998, ISBN: 88-477-0301-8, € 12
Pimpa in cielo e in mare
Panini, 1998, ISBN: 88-7686-954-9, € 12.40
I puntini rossi
El, 1999, ISBN: 88 477 0469 3, € 5.50
Pimpa: tante piccole storie
Panini, 2003, ISBN: 88-8290-612-4, € 25
Pimpa cosa fa?
Panini, 2003, ISBN: 88-768-6790-21997, € 4

Roberto Piumini (1947)
He lives in Milan. He is well known for his literary translations, fairy tales, and poems, and his texts and songs for the theatre. Roberto has also published several novels and collections of stories for adults.

C’era un bambino profumato di latte
Mondadori, 2000, ISBN: 88-04-44482-7, € 7
Non piangere, cipolla
Mondadori, 2000, ISBN: 88-04-4368-5, € 7
Il cantastorie
(with audio-cd) Mondadori, 2003 ISBN: 88-04-52285-2, € 15
C’era una volta, ascolta
Einaudi Ragazzi, 2003, ISBN: 88-7926-465-6, € 8
Il gatto con gli stivali (with Francesca Chessa)
EL, 2006, ISBN: 88-477-1822-8, € 8

Geronimo Stilton (pseudonym)
Stilton, a mouse who works both as a journalist and amateur detective, was created by a team of writers a few years ago. It has since sold millions of copies and has been translated in many languages, albeit not in English.

Cavaliere della tavola rotonda
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838487278, € 15.50
Il giro del mondo in 80 giorni
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838474486, €15.50
Il mistero degli elfi
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 883845390X, € 13.50
L’isola del tesoro
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8806185179, € 14.50
La città segreta
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838438145, € 14.50

Angelo Petrosino (1949)
In 1959 he emigrated to France, and he considers Paris as his second home town. Since 1964 he has lived near Turin, where he attended University. In 1969, he started working as a primary school teacher. In 1995 he created Valentina, one of the most famous characters in contemporary Italian children literature.

Buon Natale Valentina
Piemme, 2002, ISBN: 88-384-5030-7, € 7.50
In viaggio con Valentina
Piemme, 2001, ISBN: 88-384-5022-6, € 7.50
Tazio, mi manchi...
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838450684, € 7.50
Una vacanza indimenticabile
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838450676, € 7.50
Valentina in Australia
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838450692, € 7.50 sposa
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838450668, € 7.50

Paola Zannoner (1961)
Paola Zannoner lives in Florence. Before becoming a writer, she worked as a librarian, a journalist and an editor. She was awarded a prize for the best book of the year 2000. Mia is the name of the main character in a successful series for children.

Mia e il tango argentino
Mondadori, 2003, ISBN: 88-04-51712-3, € 6.80
Mia e l’amuleto di Rha
Mondadori, 2003, ISBN: 88-04-51713-1, € 6.80
Cresci, Lorenzo!
Mondadori, 2003, ISBN: 8804521546, € 5
Mia e il matrimonio della cugina
Mondadori, 2004, ISBN: 88-04-52825-7, € 6.80
Silvia lingualunga
Mondadori, 2005, ISBN: 8804532319, € 6

Dario Moretti (1974)
Born in Mantua in 1974, Dario Moretti works for the theatre. Over the years, he has created more than thirty shows with “Teatro all’improvviso”, of which he is also Art director. He has taken part in many important Theatre Festivals and Prizes. He has produced scenes for several Italian companies and drawn posters and graphic projects for many exhibitions.

Storia di tre
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2004, ISBN: 888290676-0, € 10
L’isola di Ariel
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2004, ISBN: 888290674-4, € 10
Le stagioni di Pallina
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2004, ISBN: 888290675-2, € 10
Gigi Troll
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2005, ISBN: 888290777-5, € 13.50


Emilio Salgari (1862-1911)
Born in Verona in August 1862, his only direct experience of the sea consisted in one voyage in the Adriatic which lasted three months: but in his imaginary itineraries, he would lead readers in adventures around the world. In 1883 he began contributing to a Verona newspaper "La Tigre della Malesia". In 1898 he began a new series on pirates, this time of Western extraction, with "Il Corsaro Nero".

Il corsaro nero
Einaudi, 2000, ISBN: 88-06-15545-8, € 8.50
Le tigri di Mompracem
BUR, 2001, ISBN: 88-17-12712-4, € 4.99
La regina dei Caraibi
Fabbri, 2005, ISBN: 88-04-47739-3, € 9
Jolanda, la figlia del Corsaro Nero
Fabbri, 2006, ISBN: 8845118878, € 9.50
Sandokan alla riscossa
Mursia, 2006, ISBN: 8842536865, € 13.50

Bianca Pitzorno (1942)
Bianca Pitzorno was born in Sassari in 1942 and now lives and works in Milan. She published her first novel in 1970 and since 1977 she has been a full-time writer. She mainly writes books for teenagers. They are all set in the past but the characters have the same problems we have nowadays. Her books have been translated into French, German and Spanish.

Magie di Lavinia & C.
Mondadori, 2005, ISBN: 8804543647, € 16
La bambola dell’alchimista
Mondadori, 2006, ISBN: 88-04-44478-9, € 7
La bambinaia francese
Mondadori, 2006, ISBN: 8804554746, € 8.40
La bambola dell’alchimista
Mondadori, 2006, ISBN: 8804561319, € 7
Le bambine dell’avana non hanno paura di niente
Il Saggiatore, 2006, ISBN: 8842813427, € 17

Giovanni Del Ponte (1965)
Born in Turin, his books convey to the teen-age readers his enthusiasm for fantasy and mystery. Won several literary prizes.

Gli Invisibili e il segreto di Misty Bay
Sperling & Kupfer, 2000, ISBN: 88-200-3038-1, € 13
La città degli dei
ECIG, 2003, ISBN: 8875459592, € 15
Gli Invisibili e la strega di Dark Falls
Sperling & Kupfer, 2006, ISBN: 88-200-3194-9, € 13
L’enigma di Gaia. Gli invisibili
Sperling & Kupfer, 2005, ISBN: 882003820X, € 13 
Gli invisibili e il castello di Doom Rock
Sperling & Kupfer, 2006, ISBN: 88-200-3454-9, € 13 

Susanna Tamaro (1957)
Susanna Tamaro is the author of several books of fiction, including Follow Your Heart, her memoir Turning Home, a collection of short stories, and five teen-agers books. She was born in Trieste and lives on a farm in Umbria.

Mondadori, 1994, ISBN: 88-04-48421-7, € 11.80
Cuore di ciccia
Mondadori, 1995, ISBN: 88-04-43688-3, € 7
Il cerchio magico
Mondadori, 1998, ISBN: 88-04-39613-X, € 7
La testa fra le nuvole
Marsilio, 2004, ISBN: 88-317-6373-3, € 6.50

Paola Zannoner (1961)
Paola Zannoner lives in Florence. Before becoming a writer, she worked as a librarian, a journalist and an editor. She was awarded a prize for the best book of the year 2000.

Assedio alla torre
Mondadori, 2001, ISBN: 88-04-49145-0, € 8
La linea del traguardo
Mondadori, 2003, ISBN: 88-04-52262-3, € 9,40 
Tutto sta cambiando
Mondadori, 2005, ISBN: 8804543558, € 8
Il vento di Santiago
Mondadori, 2005, ISBN: 8804547235, € 11


Anna Laura Cantone
Born in Alessandria in 1977. Studied at Istituto Europeo di Design di Milano. Since 2000 she has illustrated many books for the publishers ARKA, Fabbri, Feltrinelli, Editori Riuniti. For Taiwan Grimm Press she has illustrated Heidi. 10 volumes of Learn English with Aesop fables are due soon.

Zara Zebra conta
Nord-Sud, 2002, ISBN: 88-8203-550-6, € 5.50
A ciascuno il suo... prot!
Arka, 2006, ISBN: 8880721623, € 14.50
Alice nelle figure
Emme Edizioni, 2005, ISBN: 8879278207, € 12.90
Un papà su misura,
Arka, 2005, ISBN: 8880721518, € 13.50
Zara zebra conta (with Weniger)
Nord-Sud, 2002, ISBN: - 88-8203-552-2, € 5.50

Arianna Papini
Born in Florence in 1965, studied Architecture and became Artistic Director of the publishing house Fatatrac. She illustrated Le avventure di Pinocchio, 2002, published by Fatatrac. Her book Il Gobba dei randagi won the Premio Andersen 2002,in the 6/9 years category. "The Gobba is a homeless man who refuses to grow up and lives under a bridge. He welcomes all those animals that, like him, have not a home. The illustrations are delicate and convey an extraordinary feeling of warmth" (Zaghini).

La fiaba del Vajont
Fatatrac, 2003, ISBN: 88-8222-110-5, € 13.50
Lisa : un anno con la taccola
Fatatrac, 2005, ISBN: 88-8222-012-5, € 6.50
Due di tutto,
Fatatrac, 2006, ISBN: 8882221407, € 13.50
Agnello cha vai lupo che trovi
Fatatrac, 2005, ISBN: 8882221334, € 13.50
Orazio, un cane di quartiere
Fatatrac, 2005, ISBN: 8882220117, € 6.50

Bruno Munari
Born in Milan in 1907, became much more famous abroad than in Italy as a creative designer and artist; lectured in Design at Harvard University; was awarded the Japan Design Foundation Prize, received the Italian Design Compasso d'oro Prize, and the Andersen prize as best illustrator and creator of children books.

Toc toc
(English and Italian) Corraini, 2003, ISBN: 88-87942-37-4 Eur. 15.50
Disegnare il sole
(English and Italian) Corraini, 2004, ISBN: 88-87942-45-5, € 15.20
Disegnare un albero
(English and Italian) Corraini, 2004, ISBN: 88-87942-44-7, € 15.20
Corraini, 2005, ISBN: 8886250738, € 13
Ciccì coccò
(English and Italian) Corraini, 2005, ISBN: 8886250835, € 13

Chiara Rapaccini
Chiara Rapaccini was born in Florence in 1954 and now lives in Rome. She designed cartoons for RAI and for cinema; she collaborated as an illustrator with a number of Italian periodicals. Her novels - a satirical picture of everyday life - are much appreciated for their ironical tone and for their ability to focus on the contradictions of the adults' world. Chiara Rapaccini also collaborates as an illustrator with Il Corriere della Sera, la Repubblica and Il Manifesto, and she also works for Teatro di Roma and has taught since 1995 at Istituto Europeo del Design in Rome. In 1999 she won the National Prize Il Battello a Vapore - Citta' di Verbania as an illustrator.

Una mano bianca nel lago nero
EL, 1999, ISBN: 88-477-0336-0, € 5.68
Debbora va in tivvú?
Piemme, 2001, ISBN: 88-384-3654-1, € 7.50
Buena Vista, 2003, ISBN: 8884370817, € 12
Buena Vista, 2004, ISBN: 8884371953, € 12

Emanuele Luzzati (1921)
Born in Genoa in 1921, he studied and graduated in Lausanne at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. A painter, decorator, illustrator and ceramist, he devoted his skills to building stage sets and designing costumes for some of the most important national and international theatre companies. Later, together with Giulio Giannini, he designed the opening credits for Mario Monicelli's films, L'armata Brancaleone and Brancaleone at the Crusades (Brancaleone alle Crociate). He has designed over 400 sets for plays, operas and dance shows, working for the most important directors and the leading theatres both in Italy and abroad. He has also illustrated numerous children's books. He received two Oscar nominations for his animated films La Gazza ladra and Pulcinella.

Alla Fiera dell’Est (with Angelo Branduardi)
Gallucci, 2002, ISBN: 88-88716-01-7, € 11.90
Facciamo insieme teatro (with T. Conte)
Laterza, 2004, ISBN: 88-420-7338-5, € 7
La tarantella di pulcinella
Interlinea, 2005, ISBN: 8882124479, € 12
Filastrane. Storie di rane
Interlinea, 2006, ISBN: 8882122964, € 8
Ho visto un re
(with audio-cd) Gallucci, 2006, ISBN: 8888716831, € 16.50
La ragazza cigno
Gallucci, 2006, ISBN: 8888716572, € 13

Francesco Tullio Altan
Francesco Tullio Altan was born in Treviso in 1942 and currently lives in Aquileia. He started his career in Rome and Rio de Janeiro where he worked as a scriptwriter and a set designer both for cinema and television, an activity he has never given up from then on. For the children magazine Il Corriere dei Piccoli he created Pimpa, a dog who is the main character of comic strips, that since 1987 have been published in a monthly magazine. In the last few years, Pimpa has also been the main character of an animation film and of an interactive cd-rom. Altan's comics for adults have been published all over the world.

Pimpa : Pepita e la Pimpa gemella
Franco Panini Ragazzi, 2003, ISBN: 88-8290-617-5, € 12.40
La Divina Commedia di Dante (with Roberto Piumini)
Feltrinelli, 2004, ISBN: 88-07-49033-1, € 10
I colori di Rosita, Tina e Leonardo. Gli amici di Pimpa
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2006, ISBN: 888290850X, € 12.40
Un giorno con Gigi Orsetto
Panini Franco Cosimo, 2006, ISBN: 8882908720, € 6.20
Il leone si è addormentato. 
(with audio-cd) Gallucci, 2006, ISBN: 8888716785, € 16.50

Giulia Orecchia
Giulia Orecchia was born in Turin in 1955, but always lived in Milan. She attended the Brera secondary school, and Milan's Scuola Politecnica del Design where among the lecturers were Bruno Munari, Pino Tovaglia, Max Huber. During 1985-89 and 1992-95 she taught children's illustrations at the "Istituto Europeo del Design" in Milan. Her first pop-up book Cinque Topini, was published in 1983 by "La Coccinella". In 1986 she received the Andersen Prize for her pop-up book Ti faccio bau ages 0-6. In 1997 the national Prize Battello a Vapore for children's illustrations and the Andersen Prize for best illustrator of the year. In 2001, she was awarded the Andersen Prize with Emanuela Bussolati for Pollicino verde, best scientific book of the year for ages from 0 to 6.

I dovinelli (with Roberto Piumini)
Feltrinelli, 2000, ISBN: 88-07-91011-X, € 4.13
Il pollicino verde (with Emanuela Bussolati)
La Coccinella, 2000, ISBN: 88-7703-726-8, € 15
Vedo vedo... cosa vedi? (with Giusi Quarenghi)
Giunti, 2004, ISBN: 8-09-03504-6, € 6.90
Babbo Natale e i babbi finti
Interlinea, 2005, ISBN: 8882125327, € 8
Guarda guarda... Guarda bene!
Giunti Editore, 2006, ISBN: 8809047060, € 6.90

Mario Gomboli
Born in Brescia in 1947, a graduate in Architecture, Mario Gomboli is a multitalented man not only in the world of Italian children books. He is also a graphic designer, an illustrator, a comics script-writer (Tilt, Diabolik, author of stories for Massimo Mattioli and Milo Manara. Marco Gomboli is also the creator of the extraordinary illustrations of the Zoo Pazzo, started in 1972 and developed in different ways in the following years. He also created more than 100 books for children translated in many languages. In 1998 he received the Andersen Prize for the best popular collection with I consigli di Luporosso.

La Coccinella, 2004, ISBN: 77036494, € 6.20
La Coccinella, 2006, ISBN: 8875481792, € 7.90
Il mostro della fattoria
La Coccinella, 2006, ISBN: 8875481873, € 4.90
Il mostro della savana
La Coccinella 2006, ISBN: 8875481865, € 4.90
La Coccinella, 2006, ISBN: 8875481865, € 7.90

Nicoletta Ceccoli
Born in San Marino in1973. In 2001 won the Premio Andersen as best illustrator, and in 2002 her Pinocchio, published by Mondadori, won the Award of excellence in Communication Arts in the USA. She works in collaboration with Italian publishers Mondadori, Fabbri and ARKA, Fatatrac, Rizzoli Mondadori (Le avventure di Pinocchio by Collodi). She also works with Grimm Press and Ta Chien j Publishing in Taiwan, Barefoot Books, Friedrich Reinhardt Verlag.

L’uomo della luna (with Beatrice Masini)
Arka, 1999, ISBN: 88-8072-086-4, € 12.40
La Bambina Bianca (with Maria Vago)
Arka, 2000, ISBN: 88-8072-102-X, € 12.40
Anna senza confini (with Ornella Pozzolo)
Arka, 2002, ISBN: 88-8072-122-4, € 12.40

Nicoletta Costa
Nicoletta Costa was born in Trieste in 1953. She wrote her first short story when she was only twelve. In 1977 she graduated in Architecture, but after a few years she abandoned her profession to devote herself to her great passion: writing and illustrating children's books. In 1989 she received the Andersen Prize - Il mondo per l'infanzia - for the best book for children (0-6 years). In 1993 she designed the set and costumes for Hansel and Gretel by Humperdink. In 1994 she was awarded again the Andersen Prize - Il mondo per l'infanzia - as best illustrator. Her books are published by the most important Italian and foreign publishing houses.

Benny sono io!
Mondadori, 2004, ISBN: 8804530324, € 8
L’albero Giovanni e gli uccelli
Emme Edizioni, 2006, ISBN: 8879278479, € 5.50
L’albero Giovanni e la neve
Emme Edizioni, 2006, ISBN: 8879279564, € 5.50
L’alfabeto degli animali
Emme Edizioni, 2006, ISBN: 8879278452, € 6
Allumé e la pecora da corsa
EL, 2006, ISBN: 8847717671, € 5.50

Pinin Carpi
Born in Milan in 1920, in a family of artists, he has always lived among art and children. Since he was a child he has been writing a number of novels, fairy-tales, poems, songs, rhymes, comedies and even an entire encyclopaedia. Young readers adore his books. His books include Nel bosco del mistero and Mauro e il leone nel grande mare. His versatility is attested by is collaboration in the direction of Frullalero, a performance on food and tastes, on eating and being eaten.

Bambini andiamo alla Scala
R. Archinto, 2001, ISBN: 88-776-8383-X, €10.50
Il papà mangione e altre storie dei miei bambini
Economici Piemme, 2003, ISBN: 88-384-3560-X, € 7.50
Oggi è un giorno tutto da giocare
Piemme, 2005, ISBN: 8838432791, € 14.90
Cosa c’è nel centro di Milano
La Margherita, 2005, ISBN: 8887169993, € 4.80
Il pirata Sbruffo e altre storie
Piemme, 2006, ISBN: 8838435847, € 7.50