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Gianrico Carofiglio in conversation with Federico Faloppa



Gianrico Carofiglio in conversation with Federico Faloppa

Parlare civile A conversation on language, power, manipulation and speakers awareness

Reflecting upon language, its public use and manipulation, should not be limited to intellectuals and academics, but should be seen as a relevant ethical problem in our democracies, and should therefore become a common concern to all citizens. As argued by linguistics and politologists, if we cannot access to public discourse or understand the messages around us, or if we cannot clearly express our thought with clarity and precision, we are not it the position of properly think, evaluate, and fulfil our duties as citizens. Democratic societies should be based on a linguistic assumption: to publicly say something implies a common effort to achieve a successful trustworthy communication. However, the reality is often very different: either the messages we produce and we are exposed to are not meant to be really understood, or we are not fully aware of how – and to what extent - a message is manipulated. Gianrico Carofiglio, in conversation with Federico Faloppa, will try to address this subject and explain why it is so relevant to all of us. Carafiglio's latest book A Fine Line will also be discussed.

Award winning, best selling novelist Gianrico Carofiglio worked for many years as prosecutor specializing in organized crime. He was appointed advisor of the anti-mafia committee in the Italian parliament in 2007 and served as senator from 2008-2013. He is a best-selling author of crime novels, literary fiction and is best known for the Guido Guerrieri crime series: Involuntary Witness, A Walk in the Dark, Reasonable Doubts, Temporary Perfection and the latest A Fine Line, all published in UK by Bitter Lemon Press. Carofiglio’s books have sold more that four million copies and have been translated in twenty-seven languages 

Federico Faloppa is Lecturer in Italian Studies at the University of Reading, where he teaches modules on linguistics, history of the Italian language, language and power, and Italian intellectuals in the 20th century. His research focuses on the representation of otherness in language, miscummunication in multicultural contexts, political discourse on social diversity, hate speech and verbal aggression, representation of migrant and minorities in the media. Among his publications: Parole contro. La rapprentazione del diverso in italiano e nei dialetti (Garzanti 2004), Razzisti a parole (per tacer dei fatti) (Laterza 2011), Non per il potere (Chiarelettere 2012), Destination Italy: Representing Migration in Contemporary Media and Narrative (co-edited with Emma Bond and Guido Bonsaver; Peter Lang, 2015), Contro il razzismo. Quattro ragionamenti (co-authored with Marco Aime, Guido Barbujani, and Clelia Bartoli; Einaudi 2016).


Data: Gio 28 Apr 2016

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 20:15

In collaborazione con : Bitter Lemon Press

Ingresso : Libero

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