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Peak by Hannes Lang



Peak by Hannes Lang

Director Hannes Lang | Germany, Italy | 2011 | 91min

The Alps are an ancient region of natural beauty that is changing as a result of climate change. Since the turn of the century, one can no longer automatically assume that there will be thick snow cover on every peak at every ski resort. This film shows us how the tourist industry is dealing with the problem. Tens of millions of euros are being invested to create high-altitude water reservoirs to replace the melting glaciers. The older people have witnessed a shift in the function of the area, with tourism supplanting agriculture, and the exodus of younger people from the picturesque villages where only aging populations remain.

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Bertha DocHouse at Curzon Bloomsbury, The Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1AW. Opposite Russel Sq. tube station.


Data: Sab 28 Mag 2016

Orario: Alle 20:00

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Bertha DocHouse Screen at the Curzon Bloomsbury