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BE FESTIVAL (21-25 June) is a cross-pollinating and boundary smashing explosion of theatre, dance, circus, comedy, music, visual and performing arts giving audiences the opportunity to explore and enjoy the backstage areas of The REP where the Construction Workshop acts as a Hub to the festival.

Every night includes an interval dinner which takes place on the main stage and after the stage performances there is the BE Late Stage which features a selection of International and UK bands and DJs taking the festival into the wee hours.

The Italian Cultural Institute- London is pleased to support the Italian artists participating to this year performances


21/6 Piccole Donne by TIDA (co-produced by BE FESTIVAL and World Premiere)

Three future brides take to the stage dressed in white waiting for a wedding that will never take place. An empty ritualistic dance symbolises the start of a life journey for a woman, one where females exist with a pre-established identity. This dance piece follows the evolution of a ‘woman’, a process that women must undertake to liberate themselves from oppressive societal forces.

BE FESTIVAL 1st Prize Award winners of 2015, TIDA was created in 2005 identifies as a critique of society, entertainment, conventional aesthetics and the artistic production itself.


22/6 Reload by Teatro Sotterraneo (World Premiere)

Central to Samuel Beckett’s well known philosophy of the benefits of failure - fail and then fail better - is the idea of interruption where human processes and experiences are broken. The show evolves through a series of stage interruptions using physical theatre, analysing the feeling triggered by something ending prematurely, reassembling and adding new scenes in a witty and sometimes controversial manner.

Teatro Sotterraneo are a multi-award winning theatre collective born in Florence in 2004 and previously won the BE FESTIVAL 2012 Audience Award with Homo Ridens.


23/6 Hamlet by Collettivo Cinetico (UK Premiere)

Coinciding with the anniversary of Shakespeare's death, we will be presenting this version of Hamlet. Full of uncertainty yet
inevitability, the stage is set for a rollercoaster of drama in true Shakespearean form as irony and tragedy go hand in hand with prose, dance, movement and enunciation. The audience will decide who is going to be Hamlet each night!

CollettivO CineticO was created in 2007 by choreographer Francesca Pennini who won the Italian Danza & Danza prize as best dancer and choreographer in 2015.


24/6 In Girum by ALDES, Roberto Castello (UK Premiere)

A rugged, black and white and apocalyptic setting sets the tone for a tense and disconcerting journey through light and darkness.
Hypnotic sounds engulf the room inducing the dancers into tribalistic and trance like movements. Hyper-emotional performers convey disorganized and spasmodic gestures beyond exhaustion. The piece twitches into its climactic finale.

Directed by Italian choreographer Roberto Castello, co-founder of Sosta Palmizi, one of the most influential dance companies in Italy. He has been teaching digital choreography at Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera, Milan since 2005.


25/6 Quintetto by TIDA (winner of BE FESTIVAL 2015)

Marco Chenevier returns after winning last year’s 1st Prize Award with an extended performance of a hilarious and poignant show highlighting the perils actors face in a country blighted by financial austerity. Tonight is the night, it’s show time. But the tech and lighting crew have gone missing. The answer lies in the audience’s hands. The outcome is uncertain but the show must
go on.

TiDA was created in 2005 and work in a theatre and dance context oft with a political and social language.


Data: da Mar 21 Giu 2016 a Sab 25 Giu 2016

Organizzato da : BE FESTIVAL

In collaborazione con : BE FESTIVAL

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The STUDIO at The REP, Centenary Square, Broad Str