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Was Shakespeare English? by Alicia Maksimova



Was Shakespeare English?  by  Alicia Maksimova

Director Alicia Maksimova | 97 minutes | In Italian with English subtititles | 2016.

Was Shakespeare English?
An enthralling, provocative docu-journey in search of the real William Shakespeare.
Russian-born, British-based director Alicia Maksimova takes the spectator on a fascinating voyage which starts in the Strait of Messina, continues in Venice, Verona and England and returns to Sicily, to a little Aeolian island, keeping the viewers in a state of suspense from the first to the last scene. We discover who the great playwright really was and who he wasn't.

Introduced and followed by Q& A with the Director

Alicia Maksimova studied music and cinematography in Russia whilst freelancing as a journalist. In England she has worked as a performing and recording musician and a filmmaker. She has recorded two albums for the Evolve record label and worked on a number of TV and radio programmes in various roles - as an author, researcher and musician. In 2008 she founded a film production company Sirena Global Productions and made several short films in Sicily as a director and producer: Immacolata Percezione (Immaculate Perception), Maria, La famiglia and a recently About Kalpidi. In 2012 Alicia co-wrote a full-length feature film script The Mother of Pasquale, a 1950s drama, set in Sicily and England.


Data: Mar 19 Lug 2016

Orario: Alle 19:00

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