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Creative Empathy



Creative Empathy

There is a clear gap between ambitions and reality regarding sustainability. Sustainability, as we imagine it, should come from networks, from relationships with citizens, from a widespread and shared culture, not just from financial planning. Imagining sustainable buildings means opening up a meaningful dialogue with the climate and the site. It means rethinking the relationship between architecture and its engineering, not only in terms of technological solutions, but also in terms of creative synergy. We have to begin again to see architectural design in a more complex, interdisciplinary, focusing on its fundamental values, such as the
social responsibility of our craft. And there can be no true sustainability without a strong determination to defend the rights of people, to give them the tools with which to live together in a correct way. We have to replace the technological/performance perspective on buildings with that of the emotions and the pleasure of being together in a shared space. We have to think of buildings with a high degree of empathy: creative empathy.

Lecture by Mario Cucinella, architec and founder of Mario Cucinella Architects - MCA.
Speakers will include: Gilda Bojardi Editor-in-chief INTERNI Magazine, Marco Delogu Director of the Italian Cultural Institute and Brian Ford Professor Emeritus University of Nottingham, Moderator

The talk will be followed by a cocktail featuring typical Italian products
Thanks to Baglioni Hotel London, Berkel, Ferrarelle, Ferrari Spumante, Rovagnat



Born in Italy in 1960, he studied architecture at the University of Genoa graduating in 1986. Mario Cucinella founded MCA in Paris in
1992 and Mario Cucinella Architects in Bologna in 1999. The practice’s initially had success in international competitions, research and industrial design and has a special interest in climate responsive design and sustainability.

Prior to this he worked with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genoa and later in Paris. Since 2004 he is ‘Honorary Professor’ at the University of Nottingham. In 2013 he is ‘Guest Professor’ in Emerging Technologies at the Faculty of Architecture at the Technische Universitat in Munich and in 2014 he is “Guest Professor” at Faculty of Architecture Federico II, Naples. He is Director at PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture).

In 2014 he worked as a tutor, with Renzo Piano to the project G124 for the recovery of the suburbs in Italy. In 2015 he founded in partner with Viviamolaq LAB, the Laboratorio di Architettura Partecipata which aims to create a new model for the reconstruction of school buildings.

In 2012 he founded Building Green Future, the non-profit organization with the goal of integrating sustainable architecture and renewable energy to improve living conditions and access to resources in developing countries. Since 2015 he has started in Bologna (Italy) S.O.S. - School of Sustainability, a school focused on training new professionals in the field of sustainability.


Data: Mer 21 Set 2016

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 22:00

Ingresso : Libero


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