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Letizia Battaglia at MAXXI



Letizia Battaglia at MAXXI

The Italian Cultural Institute is delighted to host the presentation of Letizia Battaglia’s major solo exhibition opening on November 24th at MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome, along with the book launch of her recent publication Anthology. Letizia Battaglia (Drago Books, 2016).

The event will start with an Italian breakfast, followed by a talk featuring Marco Delogu, Director at ICI London, Giovanna Melandri, President of MAXXI, Hou Hanru, MAXXI Artisti Director, Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, art director and curator of the exhibition, and Paolo Falcone, curator of the exhibition and editor of Anthology. Letizia Battaglia.

Letizia Battaglia, born 5 March 1935, Palermo, is an Italian photographer and photojournalist. Although her photos document a wide spectrum of Sicilian life, she is best known for her work on the Mafia. She ran a publishing house, Edizioni della Battaglia, and co-founded a monthly journal for women, Mezzocielo. She is deeply involved in working for the rights of women and, most recently, prisoners.

In 1985 she received the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography. In 1999 she received the Photography Lifetime Achievement of the Mother Jones International Fund for Documentary Photography. In 2007 she received the Erich Salomon-Preis, a 'lifetime achievement' award of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Photographie (DGPh) and the most prestigious prize in Germany. In 2009, she was given the Cornell Capa Infinity Award by the International Center of Photography.

Over the years she documented the ferocious internal war of the Mafia, and its assault on civil society. Battaglia sometimes found herself at the scene of four or five different murders in a single day. Battaglia and Zecchin produced many of the iconic images that have come to represent Sicily and the Mafia throughout the world, most of which were meant to be published on the left-wing L'Ora newspaper in Palermo until it was forced to close in 1992.

MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo is a national museum of contemporary art and architecture in the Flaminio quartiere of Rome, Italy. The museum is managed by a foundation created by the Italian ministry of cultural heritage. It was designed as a multidisciplinary space by Zaha Hadid and committed to experimentation and innovation in the arts and architecture.



Data: Ven 7 Ott 2016

Orario: Alle 09:30

Organizzato da : ICI London

In collaborazione con : MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo

Ingresso : Libero


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