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Alessandro Scillitani presents Il cammino dell’Appia antica



Alessandro Scillitani presents Il cammino dell’Appia antica

“The magnificent via Appia polyphony, between nature, cities and Ilva’s fires.” From Rome to Brindisi, a walk discovering forgotten paths.

Walking along the via Appia, with the guide of maps and gps, to rediscover an ancient path between wild nature and cities, passing through Ilva’s furnaces. Is Paolo Rumiz’s 15th documentary: an adventure from Rome to Brindisi filmed by Alessandro Scillitani

“When, after crossing a river, a bush or a field, the street became visible again, aligned with the one we had lost many chilometers before between path and reeds, and with twenty satellites upon us that confirmed the alignment on our gsp screen, in that moment also the vanished part of the street resetted on the map. And something setted also inside of us, and everybody in the group exulted. We weren’t only going along the Ancient Appia. We were finding it again. We were giving it back to Italy after decades of neglect and depredation. The Cultural Heritage is not for sale. The Cultural Heritage is out Father’s Heritage. And we were looking for that, not with the mind or the heart. But with feet, very important and noble sensory organs. I remember that after walking for days, we no longer needed confirmations about the actual path, we had the power of the Direction.” Paolo Rumiz.

Alessandro Scillitani is a documentaries’ author, musician and singer. He has curated the direction, screenplay, assembly and musics of all his works. Since 2011 he has been working with famous writer and journalist Paolo Rumiz, with whom he realized a number of documentaries. In 2013 he founded a production company, Artemide Film, realizing a lot of works. With his films and shows he patecipated to many festivals and important events such as Mind’s Festival, Festivaletteratura, Sponz Festival, La Luna e i Calanchi, Lessinia Film Festival, Venice Film Festival. He is the Artistic Director of Reggio Film Festival, shorts international competition since 2002, the first edition.



Data: Mar 15 Nov 2016

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : ICI London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London