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Paesologi (The "Villagists")



Paesologi (The

Franco Arminio talks about the Paesologi (The "Villagists") with a series of photographs by Adam Victor

Franco Arminio is a poet who somehow found himself at the head of an informal movement of poets, artists, musicians, theatre performers and young farmers. The movement’s manifesto focuses on escaping modern-day economic tyranny, combating the depopulation of Italy’s stunning small towns and villages in the country’s mountainous south.

Arminio’s invented discipline, Paesologia, is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it. Photographer Adam Victor met him and other "Villagists" last February, saw that their number included some excellent landscape and documentary photographers, and "knew instantly that my recent portraiture work should continue with this wondrously-assorted group of against-the-tide people".

The 75 portraits in this series of photographs were taken during one long lunchtime, in the artists’ canteen at the summer Paesologia Festival held each year in Aliano, in the region of Basilicata.

Franco Arminio is a journalist for "Il manifesto" and "Il fatto quotidiano", and a blogger with his "Comunita’ provvisorie". He is also a documentarist and a civil fights’ animator. Roberto Saviano said about him that "he is the most important poet in Italy, the one that best described the earthquake and its consequences".

Adam Victor, photographer, writer, translator, journalist, lives between England, Italy and the US. He began photographic image-making at the age of twelve, and he has never stopped pressing the shutter button and thinking about photography till now. [BOOK NOW]


Data: da Lun 14 Nov 2016 a Mar 15 Nov 2016

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