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Marco Filiberti presents Il Pianto delle Muse and Cain



Marco Filiberti presents Il Pianto delle Muse and Cain

The Italian Cultural Institute London and Le Vie del Teatro in Terra di Siena invite you and a guest to an exclusive presentation of the theatre and film director’s latest work

  • 6.00 pm Welcome drink
  • 6.30 pm Marco Delogu, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute London, in conversation with theatre and film director Marco Filiberti 7.00 pm Screening of Cain (83 mins, Italian with English subtitles)
  • 8.30 pm Light buffet supper

The talented Italian theatre and film writer/director Marco Filiberti has been invited to London to present his work in the UK for the first time. This exclusive event is organised by the Italian Cultural Institute London and Le Vie del Teatro in Terra di Siena, a cultural theatre workshop founded and led by Marco Filiberti, which takes place in the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana in Tuscany.

"We are delighted to welcome this sophisticated artist, and introduce to a London audience his impressive film and theatre productions, which are so Viscontian in mood and inspired by Byron, Keats and Shelley; His work is a prime example of a harmonious fusion between British and Italian culture, which our Institute fosters and promotes" Marco Delogu, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute London

"I am overjoyed to be given this opportunity to present my latest work at the Italian Cultural Institute London; In both productions the lost humility of the world which I have endlessly pursued has been discovered in the heart of British culture, and transposed to the Tuscan countryside, where I primarily work. My encounter with second generation English Romantic poets has been a revelation, and has enabled my spirit and expression to reach extraordinary realms which are breathtaking, but also a little unsettling at times" Marco Filiberti

CAIN - FILM SYNOPSIS A group of young actors have been gathered by the renowned theatre director Bartolomeo Zurletti (played by Renato Scarpa, known for his role in Il Postino), and invited to stay at his farmhouse in the heart of Tuscany. They are there to rehearse for Zurletti’s forthcoming production of two works by Lord Byron: Cain and Manfred. Zurletti assigns the role of Cain to the tormented and competitive Antonio. Group dynamics soon change with the arrival of the talented young actor Amedeo, whose luminous presence instantly evokes feelings of fascination and admiration, but also obsessive jealousy in some of those around him.

IL PIANTO DELLE MUSE - THEATRE TRILOGY The theatre trilogy Il Pianto Delle Muse, is a treatise composed of a book and three DVDs of the theatrical productions Conversation Pieces - Byron’s Ruins - Il Crepuscolo di Arcadia. It is a tableau made up of three elements, aimed at examining the spiritual, anthropological, artistic and esthetic degradation brought upon us by modernity, caused by its infiltration in the history of humanity at the beginning of the 19th century, up until its consolidation in the 20th century, and accelerating at an alarming rate over the past thirty years. This volume, containing sumptuous images, comprises a comprehensive commentary by Filiberti, inherent to the relationship between "rovinismo" and the contemporary world, this being the cornerstone of his theatrical exploration. The origins of the film Cain lie in his play Conversation Pieces, one of the elements of the trilogy.

"Filiberti’s vision is like no other; he makes the melodramatic material of his film pulsate with life, without ever being afraid of appearing over accomplished" M. Gervasini – FILM TV

Marco Filiberti’s career spans across both theatre and film. In 2001 his first short film Vespero a Tivoli won an award at the Los Angeles Film Festival. He made his debut at the Ambra Jovinelli Theatre in Rome, with the theatrical productions Le donne, i Cavallier, l’Armi Pietose Canto (2006) and Arc en Ciel (2008). His feature films Adored (2003) and David's Birthday (2009), which were picked up in various territories (including Europe, the United States and Canada), were presented at the Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. Moreover, they have won several prizes, including the Special Golden Globe (awarded by foreign press) and the Critics’ Prize, at the Los Angeles Outfest. Between 2012 – 2015 Filiberti presented the theatre trilogy Byron’s Ruins, Conversation Pieces and Il Crepuscolo di Arcadia. In the same period he founded the contemporary theatre workshop Le Vie del Teatro in Terra di Siena, in the Val d’Orcia in the heart of Tuscany. His theatre trilogy leads to the publication of Il pianto delle Muse. Cain received its theatrical release in Italy in 2015. David Gallarello won Best Actor Award for his role in the film at the Santa Marinella Film Festival, and Renato Scarpa won the "Al Centro della Scena" Award at the Terre di Siena International Film Festival. [BOOK NOW]


Data: Ven 18 Nov 2016

Orario: Dalle 18:00 alle 21:30

Organizzato da : ICI London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London