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Enrico Messina Performs Orlando. Furiosamente Solo Rotolando



Enrico Messina Performs Orlando. Furiosamente Solo Rotolando

Introduced by Stefano Jossa to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso

staging assistant

from the text “Hruodlandus”

A white shirt, a trumpet and a stool. That’s all is needed to tell the stories of Charlemagne and his paladins against the dreadful racens. The plain style balances a cornucopia of colors and images aroused by the tale: battlefields, knights, ladies, duels, spells, laces, swords and horses… A whirl of battles and pursuits triggered by the same starting fire every time: knightly ideals combined with he passion for a lady. But a question soon emerges: is that feeling real or just the cast of a spell.? The answer is all in the storytelling tself: timeless stories take us through different time periods where we meet the lives of ancient men and women. Paradox and mystery replace our normal conception of reality.

Enjoy the everlasting pleasure of storytelling and the magic power of words, the meaning of listening together! This is an art that is very familiar with southern italian culture, although it is rapidly sinking into oblivion.
This is why it is meaningful to stage Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso (“The Frenzy of Orlando”), an epic poem that the author derived from the oral tradition of storytellers. This is why in recent times Italo Calvino revised this myth into a short story mixed with excepts from his novels, such as “Il Cavaliere Inesistente”. A new life finally springs from Ariosto’s rhymes, with the story jumping from thrilling excitement to blasting humor in a blend of different traditions and styles.

This production has found its completion after a long and passionate work on the texts, through which some episodes have been maintained while others have been revised, including new turning points and subplots that have been completely invented to comply with the pure essence of storytelling.

Enrico Messina actor, narrator, writer, director

Stefano Jossa is Reader in Italian at Royal Holloway University of London.



Data: Lun 21 Nov 2016

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : ICI London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London