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The Metamorphosis of Christmas



The Metamorphosis of Christmas

Francesco Cataluccio presents his novel The Metamorphosis of Christmas Drawings by Andrea Ventura

This book will be given to all guests, after the talk, as a thank you for their loyalty and support in following the Institute’s events, and for their appreciation of the Institute’s work.

This has been such an incredible year,we hope to continue to do our job well in 2017.
A project by the Italian Cultural Institute for Christmas 2016 in collaboration with Sellerio, publishers of the short story.“On Christmas Eve 2016, in the evening, we will open our home in Belgrave Square to have dinner with a group of people who, in London, are among the most lonely and vulnerable. Just a small gesture of welcome in a world with too many signs of intolerance. All our guests will be given a tasty Italian dinner in a warm atmosphere, as well as this book, where you can find: a publishing house; an elderly Russian shipping owner from London; the culinary delights of the Peloponnese; the song Rebetiko Gymnastas by Vinicio Capossela (who was here at the Institute a few months ago); a codebreaker for the Laboratory of Enigma Research team in a cottage at Bletchley Park; the sister of Dolly, the cloned sheep; Szombathely, the most ancient town in all of Hungary, which is also the birthplace of the father of Leopold Bloom, the protagonist of Joyce’s Ulysses; and much much more, including roast suckling pigs, restaurants and Piazza del Duomo in Milan.

And maybe you will agree, thanks also to James Joyce, that the greatest adventure of our life is the absence of adventure.”

Marco Delogu 
Director of the Italian Cultural Institute, London

Francesco Matteo Cataluccio (Firenze 1955) studied philosophy and literature in Florence and Warsaw. He curated the Italian editions of Witold Gombrowicz’s and Bruno Schulz’s works. He has written severals books. He writes on: Inventario,, and La Rivista di Engramma. In 2002 he has been awarded the Premio Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Andrea Ventura was born in Milan in 1968, and moved to New York in 1991. His work has been published in “The New York Times”, “The New Yorker”, “Rolling Stone”, “Time”, “Newsweek” and many other national and international newspapers and magazines, and exhibited in galleries around the world. He has won the gold and silver medals from The Society of Illustrators in New York.

Francesco Cataluccio will meet the Friends of our Reading Group, to discuss about his novel, on the 19th of December from 5 to 7pm in our Library.

If you are interested in joining the conversation, please write to or call 020 73964425



Data: Gio 15 Dic 2016

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:00

Organizzato da : ICI London

In collaborazione con : Sellerio, publishers of the short story.

Ingresso : Libero


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