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Alessia Bulgari presents “Little Ones”. Introduced by Marina Abramovic



Alessia Bulgari presents “Little Ones”. Introduced by Marina Abramovic

When images touch us profoundly, we may find ourselves projecting our own emotions and personal experiences onto them. For me, gazing at the photos in this book wakens long-hidden childhood memories that reconnect me with the little girl I used to be.
I hope other viewers will experience such reconnnections, too
Marina Abramović

Alessia Bulgari will present her photobook "Little Ones" published by Trolley Books. Marina Abramović, author of the book’s foreword will introduce the presentation.

Little Ones is a captivating collection of Alessia Bulgari’s photographs of children from all around the world; from Barbados, Morocco and India, to her native Italy. Alessia has always been fascinated by children’s openness to the world around them: "children do what they feel like and thus enjoy being, whereas adults seem to have lost the capacity for wonder".

The project was conceived 15 years ago when the author showed her close friend Marina Abramović the photographs she had started taking of children, both of her own friends and family and in the various countries she had visited. Marina saw immediately their special and universal appeal, and the power they had to ‘waken in your long-hidden childhood memories that reconnect you with the little one you used to be’. Her images capture moments which we can all identify with; we were all once vulnerable and dependent on others, getting lost in day dreams, or giggling in pure joy. In her foreword, Marina recalls that of the many times she has been photographed by Alessia, she has not once felt intimidated by her presence. This quality of the photographer, as well as the fact she did not ask the children featured to pose, or ask them to do anything other than what they were doing, has allowed her to capture pure moments in time.

The editorial project Little Ones is strongly related to the work of Pianoterra, a charity that supports the most vulnerable families offering mothers and children help in preventing health issues and in accessing education and development opportunities.

Profits from the book will be donated entirely to Pianoterra, to support the programma 1000 Giorni. For more information please visit and Facebook.

Marina Abramović is a New York-based Serbian performance artist who began her career in the early 1970s. Active for over four decades, her work explores the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body, and the possibilities of the mind. Abramović was awarded the Golden Lion for Best Artist at the 1997 Venice Biennale. In 2008, she was decorated with the Austrian Commander Cross for her contribution to art history. In 2010, Abramovic had her first major U.S. retrospective and simultaneously performed for 716 hours in "The Artist is Present" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. During this performance, Abramovic engaged in mutual gaze with more than one thousand strangers over the course of three months. Over 750,000 visitors came to see "The Artist Is Present" and Abramovic was inspired by the general public’s desire to engage with immaterial works. Abramovic founded the Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI), a platform for immaterial and long durational work to create new possibilities for collaboration among thinkers of all fields. The institute inhabited its most complete form to date in 2016 in collaboration with NEON in "As One", Benaki Museum, Athens.

Alessia Bulgari was born in Rome. She is a photographer and worked as still photographer for many cinema productions; she collaborated with artists and gallerists for books and catalogues. Her work, often focused on social issues, was exhibited in several venues. She has collaborated for several years with the World Buddhist Culture Trust, a Tibetan cultural centre based in New Delhi. In 2008, Alessia co-founded, with Flaminia Trapani and Ciro Nesci, Pianoterra Association, a non profit she chairs focused on mothers and children in vulnerable conditions. In 2013 Pianoterra become also a Foundation.

Pianoterra Foundation designs and delivers a range of services in Naples and Rome to help at-risk mothers and children flourish. Its aim is to prevent the serious health and developmental problems that can harm poor families, sometimes with consequences for generations to come. Established in 2008 and funded entirely through private donations, this nonprofit has developed a robust network of partnerships, and works collaboratively with many organizations. Pianoterra’s name means "ground floor." Its watchwords are Mothers and children first! Its approach is multidimensional, multidisciplinary, and carefully tailored to the needs of each individual and family it serves. Alessia Bulgari is Pianoterra’s co-founder and president. All proceeds from the sale of this book will support Pianoterra’s work.

Trolley Books was founded in 2001 by Gigi Giannuzzi, and quickly gained a reputation for publishing exceptional stories in photography, photojournalism and contemporary art, forging relationships with some of the world’s most renowned artists and photographers, as well as discovering new and unseen talents. Often seeking to publish difficult or underexposed subjects, Trolley however never compromised on the high quality production and beautiful design of the books. Many books were produced with Magnum photographers, and in particular three books with Philip Jones Griffiths, the first book in 2003 being ‘Agent Orange – Collateral Damage in Viet Nam’. Trolley also published books with Alex Majoli, Paolo Pellegrin, Stanley Greene, Nina Berman, Nick Waplington, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, Robin Maddock and Alixandra Fazzina. In 2005 Trolley Books received a special commendation from the Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards for its outstanding contribution to photography book publishing; an "exceptional and extraordinary group of books exploring a range of difficult subject matter…Trolley’s beautifully designed and produced books have a real sense of conviction and purpose that sets them apart." In 2011 Trolley marked its 10th anniversary by moving in to new premises and establishing their contemporary art gallery TJ Boulting. Shortly after Gigi Giannuzzi passed away from cancer aged 49, and Trolley and TJ Boulting are continued today by Hannah Watson, who had worked with Gigi since 2005. [BOOK NOW]


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