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The Pace of History, the Shape of Democracy: #Bubbles, Fake News and Digital Democracy. By Giuseppe Veltri (University of Trento)



The Pace of History, the Shape of Democracy: #Bubbles, Fake News and Digital Democracy. By Giuseppe Veltri (University of Trento)

The third in our popular series The Pace of History, the Shape of Democracy is a talk on "Bubbles, Fake News and Digital Democracy: Politics and Society in the Era of Brexit", by Professor Giuseppe Veltri (Universita’ di Trento).

We hear more and more about fake news. To understand how they have become easy to diffuse, University of Trento sociologist Giuseppe Veltri will reflect on how people are being informed in a context where the Web, especially social media, has become the main source of information for many. While no one is questioning the positive side of the Web, only recently we are discovering the negative and unexpected effects on society. Following the recent publication of his "Fuori dalla bolla" (Mimesis, 2017), Veltri will show how fake news is just the tip of the iceberg of a mutated information ecosystem that already influences the functioning of our democracies, and how this must be the focus of all those who reject censorship and at the same time want the Internet to keep its innovative way of reaching wide audiences.


The autumn at the Italian Cultural Institute is dedicated to contemporary history: twelve talks on "The Pace of History, the Principle of Democracy", from 21 September, organised by professor Andrea Mammone (Royal Holloway) and Professor Umberto Gentiloni (la Sapienza, Rome). In a fast-moving world, these talks analyse the current state of western democracies, including the changing faces of politics, the relationships between citizens and institutions, the impact of new media, the rising inequalities, and how society and culture react to these challenges.

Four more talks on Antonio Gramsci and his enduring legacy, 80 years after his death, will take place starting on 26 October, on the occasion of the exhibition of his Prison Notebooks, for the first time travelling outside of Italy. Organised by the Fondazione Gramsci with the Institute

Distinguished historians, Italian and international, every week at the Institute.

Watch this space: the events will be added regularly on our website and you will be able to book online


Data: Gio 5 Ott 2017

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 20:30

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