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Economy For-Giving



Economy For-Giving

Our current socio-economic environment is suffering from separation, divisions and conflicts that are jeopardising the harmonious life of all beings. Economy is a major driving force shaping our society and environment, but the recent crisis has shown the limits of the established capitalistic model based on wealth accumulation and relentless growth.

Kintsugi, the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using a gold lacquer, inspired the visual concept for the 2018 International Day of Forgiveness in Rome, of which this London satellite event is a preview. In the panel discussion, we will explore a new economic paradigm that can use the energy of gold and money to “repair” breakages and divisions, developing a new concept of Economy, based on sharing, giving and monitoring of social impact, to harmoniously manage our environment and all resources contained within it.

We have invited four distinguished speakers, each from a different background within the Academic and Business worlds, to provide different experiences and perspectives. Each panellist will propose a speech covering one of the four stages required to transform a concept into a concrete action of change in society: the Idea, the Model, the Action and the Impact. The panellists will then engage in a debate.

The Idea: Daniel Lumera
Director of the “My Life Design” Foundation
To create wealth and well-being starting from the concept of “giving”.

The Model: Lord Richard Layard
Emeritus Professor of Economics, LSE (London School of Economics)
To explore the connection between Economy and Happiness, and propose an innovative manifest for a new homo oeconomicus.

The Action: Michele Giddens
Chair of the UK National Advisory Board on Impact Investment and co-founder of Bridges Fund Management
To explore the development of new entrepreneurial models to promote human dignity and wellbeing alongside economic development

The Impact: Giovanna Melandri
President of Human Foundation and Social Impact Agenda for Italy
To design and deploy methodologies to measure social impact

Moderator: Angela Antetomaso
TV presenter ClassCNBC



We are defining “for-giving” as an attitude towards life, stemming from a conscious choice to take responsibility for our lives in order to transform problems into opportunities, to proactively manage potential or actual conflicts, and to celebrate our interconnectedness with all beings and with our surrounding environment.
For more information on the International Day of Forgiveness promoted by the My Life Design Foundation please visit the Economy For-Giving website


The “My Life Design” (MLD) Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 and operating on an international basis. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and to enrich the relationships amongst individuals, and between individuals and the surrounding environment.
For more information on the MLD Foundation please visit the MLD Foundation website.



Data: Gio 7 Dic 2017

Orario: Dalle 18:30 alle 20:30

Ingresso : Libero