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Health Without Borders - Epidemics in the Era of Globalization



Health Without Borders - Epidemics in the Era of Globalization

Prof. Paolo Vineis

Chair of Environmental Epidemiology at Imperial College London, School of Public Health

in conversation with

Sir Michael Marmot, FBA, FMedSci, FRCP

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London


Different trends in the world are now converging to create a suspense about what our future holds. Climate changes, mass migrations, wars, the economic crisis, the epidemics of obesity and diabetes and unprecedented environmental degradation can no longer be considered separate problems to be dealt with in isolation. Rather, these and other global threats to human health and well-being often share common causes. Professor Vineis will review evidence on the emergence of these multiple health threats, as well as discussing , together with Professor Marmot, their most likely causes. The presentation will summarize the content of the new book of Prof. Vineis.



Prof. Paolo Vineis is a leading researcher in the field of molecular epidemiology, to understand the causes and mechanisms of human disease. He also studies the effect of climate change on non-communicable diseases. He is coordinator and/or principal investigator of several international projects, including some on socio-economic differentials in health. He has more than 800 publications in scientific journals and he is a member of various international scientific and ethics committees.

Prof. Michael Marmot has led research groups on health inequalities, and the social determinants of health, for over 40 years. He is the author of The Health Gap: the challenge of an unequal world (Bloomsbury: 2015) and Status Syndrome: how your place on the social gradient directly affects your health (Bloomsbury: 2004).


Data: Lun 29 Gen 2018

Orario: Alle 18:30

Organizzato da : ICI London

In collaborazione con : Italian Embassy - London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London