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2018 (manifesto)



2018 (manifesto)

The idea of the contemporary as a form of historical time and periodizing concept has been at the very counterpoint of recent discourses around art. Conceived for the occasion of Nicola Guastamacchia’s first exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute, 2018 (manifesto) questions how an object may depict presents foreign to its own pasts.
A boat accidentally found in the street in London is moved to the elegant building of the Italian Cultural Institute. Not an ordinary exhibiting location, the Institute belongs to the Italian Embassy and falls under the Italian jurisdiction. The boat turns into a document – and a statement – on the spatial and temporal coordinates marking Italy’s cultural and political present.

Nicola Guastamacchia (1990, Bari, Italy) graduated in Law at Università ‘Aldo Moro’ di Bari and holds an Mlitt in Modern and Contemporary Art from the University of Glasgow and a MFA in Fine Art from Kingston University. Questioning ideas of property, membership and belonging within and outside art institutions, his work develops between documentary and fiction.

Recent exhibitions and projects:

Volume I | ASTRA Residency, Spoleto, 2018; Studioless | Incheon Art Platform, Seoul, 2018; The Mall |Croydon Arts Store (CAS), London, 2018; London Conference in Critical Thought, Westminster University, London; Water is Wet | Stanley Picker Gallery, London, 2017; Contemporary Research Intensive Workshop, Research Pavillion / Uniarts Helsinki, Venice, 2017; The Contemporary Contemporary Conference, Aros Museum, Aahrus, 2017; Urban Encounters, APT Gallery, London, 2017; Marginalia | Labor Gallery, Budapest, 2016; Extimacy | Maverik Project Spaces, London, 2016; Tiranti Award Winner Neo: Art Prize, Manchester, 2015; Finalist Combat Prize, Livorno, 2015; Finalist Laguna Art Prize, Venice, 2013.




Data: Da Gio 15 Nov 2018 a Gio 20 Dic 2018

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : ICI London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London