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La piú bella del mondo - The Most Beautiful in the World #9



La piú bella del mondo - The Most Beautiful in the World #9

10 talks on the Italian language

“The most beautiful in the world” is supposed to be a supermodel and yet in Italy the expression is more often than not used to define Italian language. Is Italian truly the most beautiful language in the world? It is commonplace, due to either italophilia or nationalism, but is it only this?

A series led by Dr Stefano Jossa, author of La più bella del mondo. Perché amare la lingua italiana (Einaudi) and Reader in Italian at Royal Holloway University of London, will explore the relationships between Italian and other languages, the Italian words that have become key to interpret our contemporary world, the various languages of arts, music, technology, economy and politics.

Event in Italian with simultaneous translation in English

Tuesday 04 June, 7pm 

La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #9


Language Mistakes: Populism, Errors and Learning

Dr Stefano Jossa and Dr Caterina Sinibaldi in conversation

Grammatical errors have recently attracted considerable attention in Italy, due to the role they play in political propaganda. The Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio famously got the subjunctive wrong more than once and not dissimilar is the use of other prominent politicians. Yet teachers still tend to correct language errors, especially in the context of foreign language teaching. But what is the role of errors and mistakes in language learning? Should language learners be trained to avoid mistakes? What can teachers and students learn from error analysis? Caterina Sinibaldi, Senior Teaching Fellow in Italian at the University of Warwick, will discuss whether mistakes are necessary for learning a language and how they can be used productively, in the classroom context and beyond. Drawing on relevant pedagogical theories, as well as her own extensive experience as a language teacher and learner, Caterina will discuss the benefits of an inclusive and empathetic approach to language learning. She will also touch upon the decline of language learning in the UK, and suggest how a less punitive and more empowering attitude to mistakes can contribute to reverse the trend. In conversation with Stefano Jossa.

Caterina Sinibaldi is Senior Teaching Fellow and Italian Language Coordinator at the University of Warwick, where she provides leadership to the Italian language team and takes a central role in the training and development of language tutors. In 2018 she was elected to the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA) in recognition of her commitment to teaching and learning excellence. She is also Language Representative for the UK and Ireland at The Society for Italian Studies, where she works closely with teachers, academics, as well as educational and cultural institutions to promote the study of the Italian language. She researches and publishes in the fields of foreign language pedagogy, translation studies, children's literature, and Fascism.


Data: Mar 4 Giu 2019

Orario: Dalle 19:00 alle 21:30

Ingresso : Libero