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The Making of Beauty in Puglia



The Making of Beauty in Puglia

Join us for an evening of discussion and debate on the making of beauty, in Apulia and beyond.

The art historian Ernst Gombrich argued that "the Greeks were beautiful because they had beautiful squares and cities".

This provocative (and controversial) statement has at its heart the belief that the built environment in which we live forms a fundamental part of our individual and collective identities.

The importance of preserving cultural heritage is globally recognized, and access to cultural heritage is considered a human right. According to the UN’s Special Rapporteur, “cultural heritage is important not only in itself, but also in relation to its human dimension, in particular its significance for individuals and communities in terms of both their identity and development processes.”

Cultural heritage in its built form helps give a place its identity, providing visual characteristics that create a ‘somewhere’ rather than an ‘anywhere’. This in turn has a profound impact on the people who occupy the place.

The continuity of identity depends on the existence of local, regional, national, and global tools and frameworks. One such framework is emerging in Apulia, an Italian region which is developing a law on beauty. This ground-breaking project is interdisciplinary, bottom-up, and collaborative, tying together criteria such as quality and well-being to focus on the rights of citizens to a life of dignity that is supported by the built environment.

Beauty is a highly subjective concept, open to many interpretations and definitions. Apulia’s law takes beauty as arising out of a place and its community of inhabitants, where buildings and landscape exist in harmony through the use of locally-available materials, and through adaptations to climate and context.

The event will be followed by an Apulian Aperitif with regional delicacies.




Welcome Address

by the Italian Embassy


The Law on Beauty of Apulian territories

Michele Emiliano Apulia Region President (video conference)

Alfonso Pisicchio Regional Councilor for Urban Planning, Apulia Region


The European Manifesto on the making of beauty

Valentina Battista, Laura Marchetti Apulia Region Law on Beauty technical committee


Cultural Landscape in Practice. The Community Training Workshop in Biccari (Puglia)

Giuseppe Amoruso Professor, Politecnico di Milano, INTBAU Italy Chair

Carmelo Rollo Legacoop Puglia President


Building beautiful beyond Italy

Nicholas Boys Smith Create Streets

John Simpson Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Buckingham

Harriet Wennberg INTBAU Executive Director

Robert Adam INTBAU chair, ADAM Architecture


Final Remarks & Networking

La Vera Grande Bellezza Jazz Concert Roberto Ottaviano Trio




Data: Gio 13 Giu 2019

Orario: Dalle 18:30 alle 21:30

Ingresso : Libero


Italian Cultural Institute London