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Maria Callas. The Black Pearl



Maria Callas. The Black Pearl

On 16 September 1977, Maria Callas died in her Paris apartment aged 54.
Her name went down in history as one of the greatest singers of all time. But who was this fascinating and extraordinary artist?

This spoken monologue - written by Federica Nardacci, with original piano music composed by Claudio Di Meo - is the inner journey of Ferruccio Mezzadri, Callas’s trusted butler, who lived and worked by her side for more than 20 years until her death.

The show - staged at Bridewell Theatre by Opera in the City Festival and performed by Marco Gambino - was conceived in 2014 by Federica and Claudio as a tribute to Maria Callas on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of her death, in 2017.

Cast: Marco Gambino
Piano: Claudio Di Meo

Play: Federica Nardacci
: Claudio Di Meo

Stage director: Sophie Aldred

The play had its premiere in Singapore at Esplanade Theatre in November 2016, produced by the Italian Cultural Institute and Bellepoque Arts Media, under the direction of Sabrina Candeloro Zuber.
In 2018, it debuted in London at Grange Park Opera.




Data: Gio 5 Set 2019

Orario: Dalle 19:30 alle 20:30

Organizzato da : Time Zone Theatre

In collaborazione con : ICI London

Ingresso : A pagamento


Bridewell Theatre, 14 Bride Ln, Fleet St, London