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Enrico Franceschini presents "Bassa marea". Introduced by Stefano Tura and Annalisa Piras



Enrico Franceschini presents

"Bassa marea", published by Rizzoli, is the latest book by Enrico Franceschini.

It is a thriller set in Romagna, where, on a spring morning, retired journalist Andrea Muratori, known as "Mura" finds the barely breathing body of a woman on the shore, and decides to uncover the mystery surrounding the event, with the help of three amazing friends, over 60 and retired, just like himself.

Enrico Franceschini was foreign correspondent for Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" for 35 years, from New York, Washington, Moscow, Jerusalem and London, where he currently lives.
For his coverage of post-Soviet Russia he won the Premiolino for Journalism in 1994. He is the author of a sixteen books of fiction and non-fiction, including L'uomo della Città Vecchia (2016), Vinca il peggiore (2017), Scoop (2017) and Vivere per scrivere (2018). He has translated three poetry books by Charles Bukowski. He started working as a journalist at a young age, writing of sport for the local papers of his native town of Bologna.

Annaliasa Piras, journalist and film director, has directed the two documentaries "Girlfriend in a coma" and "The Great European Disaster Movie"

Stefano Tura, London correspondent for RAI TV, has written several books, the most recent being A regola d’arte.




Data: Gio 14 Nov 2019

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