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Ten Shorts around the world - 2020 #1



 Ten Shorts around the world - 2020 #1

The Italian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio presents 10 short films selected among the most significant and representative of last's year production.

In Italian with English subtitles.


Lella, by Michele Capuano – 2019, 15'

On New Year’s Eve 1978, Edward receives an unexpected visit. He is one of his young acquaintances, shaken by a fixed thought he cannot get rid of. Once inside the house, the boy begins to tell his unforgettable clandestine love story with the beautiful Lella. A year and ten months of passion, culminating in an unconfessable secret.

Watch the trailer HERE 


Amateur, by  Simone Bozzelli – 2019, 15'

It’s a hot afternoon. Serena is helping Christopher to study German. He is bored and prefers to record her with his cell phone. She doesn’t want him to but he likes it because she makes him laugh, especially when Serena acts like a little pig. And when Christopher laughs she is happy. Through this game, the two grow closer and discover an unexpected intimacy.

Watch the trailer HERE


Senza tenere premuto, by Paolo Strippoli – 2019, 13'

Chiara loves Instagram and she loves her followers. But when one night someone really starts following her, her life turns into a vortex of danger and desperation, Story after Story.

Watch the trailer HERE 


Borntwice, by Giada Bossi – 2019, 8'

A huge bike accident breaks Joshua’s boyhood. Looking back at the videos of his childhood associated with his activity at YouTuber, the film investigates the fragility of life and the perception of reality of a fifteen years old boy growing in the suburbs.

Watch the trailer HERE

The link to the screening will be available for 48 hours from 30 August.

Write to to apply for your free ticket.



Data: Mar 1 Set 2020

Organizzato da : ICI London

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