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Raindance Film Festival - 28th Edition: No Stopping Us



Raindance Film Festival - 28th Edition: No Stopping Us

ICI London is proud to support once again the Raindance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the UK which this year brings 4 Italian productions: Punta Sacra by Francesca Mazzoleni; Thou Shalt Not Hate by Mauro Mancini; Ties by Daniele Luchetti; Enfer by Duilio Scalici. Plus the narrative short Being My Mom by Jasmine Trinca. 

Every year this important festival showcases features, shorts, web series, videos by film-makers from the UK and around the world to an ever growing audience of professionals and film fans alike, and this year will be no exception.

Visit the Festival homepage HERE. You can book tickets for virtual premieres and screenings, as well as for in-person events, through the Festival website, with free tickets options available

Punta Sacra. The last patch of land at the mouth of the Tiber; its inhabitants call it Punta Sacra, Sacred Point. Realism and imaginary intertwine in this suburb of Rome, where Franca leads an all-female community. People are hanging between nostalgia and pragmatism, struggling between a strong sense of belonging and the lack of opportunities for the new generations.

Thou Shalt Not Hate. A doctor of Jewish origin rescues a man who is the victim of a car crash, but when he discovers a Nazi tattoo on his chest, he leaves him to his fate…

Ties. A marriage-in-crisis drama set in Naples and Rome, with a cast including Alba Rohrwacher (Venice Best Actress award winner for Hungry Hearts) and Luigi Lo Cascio.

Enfer. The oldest love story in history is the one between the devil and the world. This short was made during the quarantine period in Italy on a minimal budget, with materials found at home and equipment that was already in possession of the filmmaker.

Being My Mom. In a baking hot day, along the streets of a deserted Rome, a young woman strolls endlessly with her young daughter while carrying a hefty suitcase. They move close, slip away, and overturn their natural roles. Suddenly a single gesture unexpectedly discloses the true love for one another.



Data: Da Mer 28 Ott 2020 a Sab 7 Nov 2020

Organizzato da : Raindance Film Festival

In collaborazione con : ICI London

Ingresso : Libero