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MARCELLO - The Highlights



MARCELLO - The Highlights

ICI London was pleased to support MARCELLO, back in January, the first Film Festival dedicated to Italian cinema in the city of Birmingham, home to the second largest Italian community in the UK.

Family, comedy, gender and life outside geographical boundaries were the main themes of the festival - all details HERE

Many of the contents of the Festival are now available on Marcello You tube channel, we are pleased to share a selection here:

Fellini's TOBY DAMMIT, in the horror line up of the first edition of MARCELLO, told by the Master's niece: Mrs Francesca Fabbri Fellini;

Film critic Adriano Della Starza interviews Gianfranco Angelucci: film director, author, journalist, lecturer. He worked extensively with Fellini and write the script of Intervista 1987;

Film critic Darius Azadeh in conversation with Italian director Simone Scafidi about his documentary Fulci for Fake and with Cine Excess Festival Director, Xavier Mendik about documentary Thats La Morte: Italian Cult Cinema and the Years of Lead. The two directors also discuss their use of archive footage.


Data: Da Mar 23 Feb 2021 a Sab 6 Mar 2021

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