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Thursday 28 October, 6pm

AS AISUK and the Scientific Office of the Embassy of Italy - London

present the Science for Society event


A conversation on regenerative medicine with Giulio Cossu and Anna Randi, on the book La trama della vita

Living forever is an ubiquitous dream, present in many novels, paintings and musical pieces. Who knows whether this dream may one day come true? Regenerative medicine, the topic of the book to be discussed, promises not only to cure terrible and so far incurable diseases, but also to repair or replace our cells and tissues so that, in theory, we may live “forever young and healthy”. Do we really want this? Although there have been a few spectacular successes, there have been many more failures. Nevertheless, the expectations raised in patients have been exploited by commercially driven “stem cell clinics” that offer to cure any disease with stem cells in exchange for money. These and other topics, such as the impact of such technology on society and health economics, will be discussed by Giulio Cossu, the author of La trama della vita, winner of the 2020 Galileo Prize for popular science, with his colleague from Imperial College, Anna Randi.

GIULIO COSSU is Constance Thornley Professor of Regenerative Medicine at the University of Manchester and Visiting Professor at Max Delbruck Centre in Berlin. He received his MD degree from the University of Rome and then worked at the University of Pennsylvania, at Pasteur Institute in Paris and at the University of Rome. Since 2000 he has worked at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan as Director of the Division of Regenerative Medicine. In 2012 he moved to UCL and in 2013 to Manchester. He is member of EMBO, the European Academy of Science, the Academy of Medical Sciences and Accademia dei Lincei. Cossu is renowned for his pioneering work on muscle development and on cell therapy for muscular dystrophies. He has published about 250 peer-reviewed papers and secured grants for over 15million Euros.

ANNA RANDI is Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Head of Vascular Science at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London. She trained as clinical hematologist, receiving her MD and PhD from the University of Milan (Italy). She worked at the Howard Hughes Institute at Washington University, St. Louis (USA), at Cancer Research UK and at GlaxoSmithKline. In 2003 she established her laboratory at Imperial College London. Her research interests are in vascular biology and hemostasis; her team has made major contributions in the understanding of basic mechanisms endothelial biology and their contribution to chronic diseases, bleeding and thrombosis. She regularly publishes in high impact journals and has given over 60 invited lectures in the last 8 years. She is a Fellow of the American Heart Association; she serves on British Heart Foundation and Wellcome Trust research committees, international review panels and committees.


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Data: Gio 28 Ott 2021

Orario: Alle 18:00

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