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In Lucid Dreams We Dance



In Lucid Dreams We Dance

Saturday 11 February, 8pm   

ICI London supports In Lucid Dreams We Dance: experimental sounds and perfomances at IKLECTIK, Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London SE1   
Curated by Clara Rodorigo in collaboration with Jael Arazi   

Combining DJ sets, projections and installations, artists Turbo Sud, Melania Toma, Kreshik, and Hawazin O will take us on a mystical journey through sounds and imagery. The programme will explore rituals and folklore in relation to electronic music and parties, intended as relational spaces where artistic practices intersect. Visual and auditory stimuli originating elsewhere will intersect at IKLECTIK turning participants into travellers.
On this occasion, the second issue of ILDWD zine will be launched, featuring contributions from participating artists, extending the journey in print.

The project is supported by The Italian Council Council (11th edition, 2022), the program aimed at supporting Italian contemporary art in the world promoted by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity within the Italian Ministry of Culture

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In Lucid Dreams We Dance is a multidisciplinary research project curated by Clara Rodorigo in collaboration with Jael Arazi, exploring electronic music, independent parties and clubbing and their potential in generating a sharing dimension. The project consists of a programme of events and the publication of a zine to explore themes of community building, rituals, and sharing in the physical and relational space of the club.

TURBO SUD is a research-based project by visual artist, DJ and music producer Agostino Quaranta, exploring different trajectories of South Italian sonic traditions. Through live performances, exhibitions, collaborations, and experimental documentaries, Turbo Sud activates new discourses within the music landscape of the region, adopting both an archival and fictional approach. The project was presented at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2022 as a site-specific audio-video installation with the honour of having a DJ set inside the Deer Shelter Skyspace by James Turrell, featured on radio shows, including NTS and performed at electronic music festivals between the UK and Italy.

Resident music provider at Radio Kapital, previously Bonnefooi’s curator, Huveshta Rituals label owner, KRESHIK is a juggling producer, vocalist and DJ - from Brussels, based in Warsaw - whose main area of expertise leads you to an astral body dance. Praise and accolades of his sets have seen him play in numerous venues such as Korner (Taipei), Savage (Hanoi), Klub 20/44 (Belgrade), Dour Festival (Belgium), Black Flamingo (New York), Canvas (Amsterdam) and more. He released his first track "Mole Dub” with Warsaw-based producer Tamten on Lucyna Records. In 2023, the dab hand will come back with a very promising international compilation on Huveshta Rituals and the preternatural project called Personal Sauveur. 

MELANIA TOMA is an Italian multi-disciplinary artist based in London. She questions the palimpsest of colonial ideologies and narratives linked to them; her personal visual semantic is populated by symbols whose translation is a collective act. Her works serve as transitional objects, whose transformative power crosses the boundaries between ‘us’ and ‘I’, producing new ecological imaginaries and understandings of inner or "domestic" places and proposing a rite of liberation towards the recovery of a disintegrated self. Her latest production addresses notions of collective healing and binge healing through sculptures – ghost-hybrid creatures questioning the schisms of biomedicine and proposing post-human beings profoundly linked with the social-environmental context and with the unseen realm of spirits. 

HAWAZIN O is a Saudi-American interdisciplinary artist and DJ living in London. During 2020, she curated the monthly show Thabthabaat at Radio Flouka. She also featured in guest mixes for Radio Alhara and Movement Radio. Her sets are a blend of various sounds and rhythms from the Arab world together with Ambient, Electronic and Contemporary Dance music. 


Data: Sab 11 Feb 2023

Orario: Alle 20:00

Ingresso : Libero