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A Londra con Virginia Woolf e Sherlock Holmes



A Londra con Virginia Woolf e Sherlock Holmes

Wednesday 5 May, 6pm   
A Londra con Virginia Woolf e Sherlock Holmes   
Cristina Marconi and Enrico Franceschini in conversation   
chaired by Florinda Fiamma (Rai Radio 3)   
In Italian   

Kensington and Bloomsbury, a walk to the shops to buy a pencil, the sounds of Orlando skating on an icy river Thames with his Russian Princess...Virginia Woolf was told to leave London by her doctors, but London always featured in her writings. Cristina Marconi explores the city tracing her steps, while Enrico Franceschini takes on a journey through the London of Sherlock Holmes, from 221b Baker Street, to the Langham Hotel where Conan Doyle met Oscar Wilde to the St Bartholomew Hospital where he staged the fictional meeting of the detective with his trusted friend Dr Watson.
The new series Passaggi di Dogana, by Giulio Perrone Editore, takes us to cities and regions around the world through the eyes of different authors, as told by contemporary writers and journalists.

Cristina Marconi is a freelance journalist and writer. Based in London since 2011, she covers politics, culture, economics for a range of publications, including Italian newspapers "Il Messaggero" and "Il Foglio". She previously reported on European Institutions in Brussels, and lived in Paris. She wrote a book on journalism and the EU after undertaking a fellowship at Oxford University. She has a graduate degree in Philosophy from Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. Her first novel Unreal City was published by Ponte alle Grazie in 2019.

Enrico Franceschini was foreign correspondent for Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" for 35 years, from New York, Washington, Moscow, Jerusalem and London, where he currently lives.
For his coverage of post-Soviet Russia he won the Premiolino for Journalism in 1994. He is the author of a sixteen books of fiction and non-fiction, including L'uomo della Città Vecchia (2016), Vinca il peggiore (2017), Scoop (2017) and Vivere per scrivere (2018). He has translated three poetry books by Charles Bukowski. He started working as a journalist at a young age, writing of sport for the local papers of his native town of Bologna.

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Data: Mer 5 Mag 2021

Orario: Alle 18:00

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