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Play to Learn - When Education Meets Design



Play to Learn - When Education Meets Design

A podcast series of five episodes, a journey through Italy in the 60s and 70s bringing together design and children, doodles, teaching, fairy tales and imagination

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A project by Corraini Edizioni for ICI London with the collaboration of Radio Raheem

In Italy in the 60s and 70s, people like Gianni Rodari, Bruno Munari, Bruno Danese, Jacqueline Vodoz and Enzo Mari shared the idea that looking after children is one way to contribute to building a better future. Merging imagination, design, and teaching. In this five part podcast, we talk about how this revolution came about during Italy’s economic boom and the great reforms that were taking place in Italian society at the same time, from education and work, to family and culture. We will discuss this with designers, critics, experts, pedagogues and teachers, with those who had first hand experience of this period and with those who are working today on bringing together design and teaching cultures.

The episodes are led by Alex Corlazzoli, Damiano Gullì, Chiara Alessi, Francesca Zanella and Pietro Corraini.

Featuring interviews with: Paola Antonelli, Rosellina Archinto, Luciana Bertinato, Marnie Campagnaro, Giovanna Castiglioni, Seymour Chwast, Marzia Corraini, Beppe Finessi, Francesca Giacomelli, Bob Gill, Steven Guarnaccia, Alessandra Lombardi, Vanessa Roghi and Marco Romanelli. Audio story by Alberto Munari.


Episode n. 1, available from Wednesday 5 November: Teaching, What a Revolution!
Curated by Alex Corlazzoli

Episode n. 2, available from Friday 20 November: Designing Through Irony, Functionality and Research
Curated by Damiano Gullì

Episode n. 3, available from Friday 4 December: When Design Meets Children
Curated by Francesca Zanella

Episode n. 4, available from Monday 21 December: Design and Children Across America and Europe
Curated by Chiara Alessi

Episode n. 5, available from Friday 8 January: Munari and Rodari, a Fantastic Combination
Curated by Pietro Corraini 



Data: Da Gio 5 Nov 2020 a Ven 8 Gen 2021

Organizzato da : Corraini Edizioni & ICI London

In collaborazione con : Radio Raheem

Ingresso : Libero