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Mar 08 Gen 2019Mar 08 Gen 2019
The Neighbours

A staged reading of the play by Fausto Paravidino, followed by a post-show talk Translated by Jane HouseDirected by Guy Jones The reading takes place at The Yard Theatre. Queen’s Yard. White Post Lane. London. E9 5EN “It’s important to get along, everyone’s so closed off today, so frightened of everything, but it’s important to be able to see others simply […]

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Mar 15 Gen 2019Mar 15 Gen 2019
ITALIAN COURSES OPEN EVENING – Free Tester Class for Complete Beginners

If you never studied Italian before we are giving a free tester of Italian language lessons for complete beginners. •Free tester of Italian language lessons for complete beginner •Possibility to enrol in our classes with £10 discount •Visiting the library [BOOK NOW]

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Mar 15 Gen 2019Mar 15 Gen 2019
ITALIAN COURSES OPEN EVENING – Enrolment and Assessment Tests

If you have studied or have learned Italian before, we can offer a free assessment test in order to assess your level. Possibility of meeting with some of the teachers to be introduced to the syllabus and the method of teaching and assessing your level. Knowing more about the Institute and its Cultural events [BOOK […]

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Lun 07 Gen 2019Lun 07 Gen 2019
Mantegna-Bellini: A talk with Caroline Campbell and Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa

“A story of art, family, rivalry, and personality” Join us to witness a talk between two of the most respected curators and expert of Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini. The decade-long dialogue between Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini has been one of the most profitable and fascinating in the history of Italian art. The two brothers-in-law develop an […]

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