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Concluso Mar 26 Feb 2019Dom 03 Mar 2019
Cinema Made in Italy 2019

Within the framework of the second edition of the Festival “Fare Cinema” – organised all over the world by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – the Italian Cultural Institute together with Cinecittà Luce and Ciné Lumière in London are glad to present the 9th edition of “Cinema Made in Italy”, celebrating […]

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Concluso Dom 24 Feb 2019Dom 24 Feb 2019
CANTA ARLECCHINO! – Festa di Carnevale per bambini con Susanna Paisio

Con e di Susanna Paisio, regia e consulenza al testo di Carola Benedetto e Luciana Ciliento. Recital e workshop CANTA ARLECCHINO! per bambini dai 4 ai 9 anni. Canzoni e filastrocche musicate e arrangiate per chitarra Arlecchino è stato cacciato dal padrone, che lo ha sorpreso nascosto in cantina a mangiare le sue salsicce. Dopo mille […]

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Concluso Gio 21 Feb 2019Gio 21 Feb 2019
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space

Talk by Rosalind McKever Umberto Boccioni’s 1913 sculpture Unique Forms of Continuity in Space is one of the most iconic artworks of the twentieth century. The fame of this Futurist masterpiece within Italy, where it appears on the 20-cent coin, has spread worldwide thanks to bronze casts in museums from Tate Modern to the Museum […]

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Concluso Mer 20 Feb 2019Mer 20 Feb 2019
The via Panisperna boys (I ragazzi di via Panisperna) by Gianni Amelio

In Italian, no subtitles. Director: Gianni AmelioWriters: Vincenzo Cerami, Gianni AmelioCast: Andrea Prodan, Ennio Fantastichini, Michele Melega, Laura Morante1h 23’| Biography, Drama | 1988 The Via Panisperna boys were a group of young scientists led by Enrico Fermi. In Rome in 1934, they made the famous discovery of slow neutrons which later made possible the […]

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Concluso Lun 18 Feb 2019Lun 18 Feb 2019
Valerio Magrelli: a detective in verses

A new stage in the English-Italian dialogue on crime literature with poet Valerio Magrelli, poet and translator Jamie McKendrick and Karen Robinson, from The Times Crime Club. Valerio Magrelli’s new collection of poems Il commissario Magrelli is introduced by a declaration in which he states that, since nowadays all books have an investigator, he decided to become […]

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Concluso Mer 13 Feb 2019Mer 13 Feb 2019
La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #2

10 talks on the Italian language “The most beautiful in the world” is supposed to be a supermodel and yet in Italy the expression is more often than not used to define Italian language. Is Italian truly the most beautiful language in the world? It is commonplace, due to either italophilia or nationalism, but is […]

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Concluso Mer 13 Feb 2019Mer 13 Feb 2019
Black Pasta

Presentation of the book by Elena HarveyWith Robert Harvey and Caroline Moorehead This event is organised in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in London Black Pasta is a riveting story of a beautiful, feisty young aristocrat, Elena Curtopassi, growing up under Mussolini. She endures the German occupation of Rome, witnesses Adolf Hitler’s triumphant parade […]

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Concluso Mer 13 Feb 2019Mer 13 Feb 2019
The Society of Authors – Translation Prizes

This event will take place at The Knowledge Centre, British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2DB On 13 February the Knowledge Centre of the British Library is hosting the annual translation prizes presentation evening of The Society of Authors. Outstanding translations from Arabic, Italian, German, French, Swedish, and Spanish, as well as the TA […]

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Concluso Lun 11 Feb 2019Lun 11 Feb 2019
“On Birds”: a lecture-performance by artist Gernot Wieland

A performance by artist Gernot Wieland followed by a conversation with art historian Martina Mazzotta In collaboration with the Austrian Cultural Forum and Belmacz London. Austrian-born, Berlin based artist Gernot Wieland analyses the potential role of art in psychiatric contexts through his new lecture-performance based on the research he led during his residency at Cripta747 […]

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Concluso Sab 09 Feb 2019Sab 09 Feb 2019
Il Rovo, Laboratorio didattico-creativo per bambini

Secondo appuntamento 2019 della nuova serie di laboratori “Il racconto animato” L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Londra presenta Il Rovo Laboratorio didattico-creativo ideato e condotto da Chiara Stampone ispirato all’omonimo libro di Cristiano Spinelli Per bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni Una serie di laboratori didattico-creativi, a cadenza mensile, per bambini dai 3 ai 6 […]

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