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Concluso Gio 21 Mar 2019Mar 30 Apr 2019
LARES FAMILIARES by Sonia Lenzi and LE POESIE DEI MURI by Gerry Badger

LARES FAMILIARES by Sonia Lenzi and LE POESIE DEI MURI by Gerry Badger  LARES FAMILIARES Family relationships are the first ones we are confronted with and the domestic dimension is our starting point for that adventure called life. The meaning of our existence is therefore inherent in those relationships and places. In the Roman world, […]

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Concluso Mer 20 Mar 2019Mer 20 Mar 2019
LET ME SPEAK, I AM GASSMAN! VITTORIO KING OF COMEDY (Sono Gassman! Vittorio Re della Commedia) – Documentary

Introduction by the director Fabrizio Corallo.Docufilm, 2018, 90 minsIn Italian with English subtitles. Eighteeen years after his death, Vittorio Gassman’s remarkable career as an actor onscreen and onstage is re-evoked in this film tribute that looks at the golden years of the “Italian style” comedies in Italian cinema. Reminescences by colleagues and family are combined […]

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Concluso Mar 19 Mar 2019Mar 19 Mar 2019
Wine Tasting

The Italian Cultural Institute and the Community of Sant’Egidio are delighted to host a wine tasting, open to all, organised by Wine for Life. You will be able to taste some delicious Italian wines, by some of our best known producers. [BOOK HERE] Free admission, donations are welcomed in aid of Humanitarian Corridors Project of […]

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Concluso Lun 18 Mar 2019Lun 18 Mar 2019
Art and the Market

A talk with Giovanni Gasparini (Christie’s) and Eugenio Re Rebaudengo (Artuner) How is the value of an artwork determined in the art business?What are the elements that regulate the valuation and the prices of artworks?Programme Director of the MSc Art, Law and Business programme at Christie’s Education Giovanni Gasparini and Artuner Founder Eugenio Re Rebaudengo discuss […]

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Concluso Sab 16 Mar 2019Sab 16 Mar 2019
L’omino della Pioggia, Laboratorio didattico-creativo per bambini

Sabato 16 marzo, 10:30 Nuovo appuntamento della serie di laboratori “Il racconto animato” L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Londra presenta L’omino della Pioggia Laboratorio didattico-creativo ideato e condotto da Chiara Stampone ispirato all’omonimo libro di Gianni Rodari Una serie di laboratori didattico-creativi, a cadenza mensile, per bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni, ideati e condotti […]

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Concluso Ven 15 Mar 2019Sab 16 Mar 2019
Tutto Questo Sentire: Excercises on Displacement 1/5

Exercises on Displacement is a series of five events to be held in London over the course of 2019, in five different venues. The programme brings together more than 20 artists and ensembles: an international line-up of new commissions, performances and discussions around the theme of displacement. The events are staged through Tutto Questo Sentire […]

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Concluso Ven 15 Mar 2019Ven 15 Mar 2019
Nuove connessioni per l’arte nel mondo digitale. Conferenza di Annie Ratti e Giorgio Verzotti

Annie Ratti sarà in conversazione con Giorgio Verzotti Quale può essere la funzione dell’opera d’arte nell’epoca della comunicazione digitale quando i canali “social” ci connettono istantaneamente col mondo intero mettendoci a disposizione le forme più oggettive dell’iper-capitalismo? Attraverso il suo lavoro, Annie Ratti, coinvolge l’esperienza quotidiana del corpo umano, costruisce strutture diversamente abitabili, elabora complesse […]

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Concluso Gio 14 Mar 2019Gio 14 Mar 2019
Presentation of the book “Anita” by Alain Elkann with Sandro Veronesi

Presentation of the new novel Anita by Alain Elkann The author will be in conversation with Sandro Veronesi Anita left, thus ending a love-story that seemed would have lasted forever. Milan is unprepared, sad, entangled by regrets and nostalgia which induce him to imagine, as a consolation, how that love would have been if they […]

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Concluso Mer 13 Mar 2019Mer 13 Mar 2019
Presentation of the book “Italiani si rimane” by Beppe Severgnini

Il Circolo and Fondazione Rava NPH presents “Italiani si rimane” by Beppe Severgnini The author will be in conversation with Enrico Franceschini An ironic, emotional, and educational journey: the book retraces Severgnini’s life from his first steps in journalism under the guide of Indro Montanelli to his first article on The New York Times, trying […]

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Concluso Mar 12 Mar 2019Mar 12 Mar 2019
La più bella del mondo – The most beautiful in the world #3

10 talks on the Italian language “The most beautiful in the world” is supposed to be a supermodel and yet in Italy the expression is more often than not used to define Italian language. Is Italian truly the most beautiful language in the world? It is commonplace, due to either italophilia or nationalism, but is […]

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