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Calendario e informazioni

We offer nine progressive levels: Elementary (A1.1, A1.2, A2), Intermediate (B1.1, B1.2, B2), and Advanced (C1.1, C1.2, C2). To enable Advanced students to keep up their Italian, there is also an additional level, C2+. Terms last for 10 weeks, and you can choose courses of 30 or 40 hours. Content is the same for both, which means the 40 hour course allows you more time to digest, learn and practice the material. This is just one example of our flexible approach.

Elementary A1.1 10 weeks
Elementary A1.2 10 weeks
Elementary A2 10 weeks
Intermediate B1.1 10 weeks
Intermediate B1.2 10 weeks
Intermediate B2 10 weeks
Advanced C1.1 10 weeks
Advanced C1.2 10 weeks
Advanced C2 10 weeks
Avanzato+ 10 weeks
La Chiacchiera, Conversation Club 10 weeks
Sunday Semi-Intensive 5 weeks
Intensive courses 2 or 4 weeks
Workshops 1 or 3 weeks
Summer Term 5 or 10 weeks
Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language

5 weeks


All our classes are conducted in Italian and provide training in all basic communication skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing – with a systematic study of grammar. Our teachers are university qualified and native speakers. Our classrooms have video and audio equipment, which also give the possibility of working online.
We aim for a minimum class size of six, and a maximum of 14.


Unless you are either a complete beginner or have studied at the Institute last term, a brief assessment test is compulsory to ensure we can meet your needs by placing you in the most appropriate class.
If you have studied Italian before, you can take a written assessment test on our website. After you have submitted it, please send an e-mail to

• To submit an ONLINE ASSESSMENT TEST to us please click here.

• To download our courses ENROLMENT FORM please click here.


There are no examinations at the end of the Italian courses. On request, students are given a certificate of attendance.