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The press conference for presenting the 400th anniversary of the Feast of Santa Rosalia 1624-2024 took place at the headquarters of the Italian Cultural Institute in London, attended by the Mayor of the Municipality of Palermo Roberto Lagalla.

This year marks the four-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the miraculous remains of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo city. The “Santuzza”, symbol of rebirth and hope, will be celebrated with a rich calendar of events and cultural initiatives which, starting from the month of May, will continue until the first months of 2025, animating the provincial territory of the Sicilian capital.

«This year Palermo is going to celebrate a journey that began in 1624 and today is making 400 years of history and traditions. It is going to be a busy year of celebrations dedicated to Santa Rosalia which, thanks to the active participation of the entire territory and institutions, will allow the tourist revival of the city with a renewed metropolitan internationally oriented identity. I wish to thank the director Francesco Bongarrà for allowing this prestigious institutional setting for the international presentation of the four- hundredth anniversary of the “Festino” and the National Tourism Agency. Palermo will express itself in all its beauty, through spiritual and cultural itineraries, showing the world its priceless historical and artistic heritage that winds through the Arab-Norman Route, a Unesco heritage, the period buildings – the favorite scenery of international film productions, and the spiritual paths that wind through the city streets and cross the entire provincial territory. Palermo will offer the tourists an unprecedented journey, unique for everybody, in an overall cheering atmosphere that will welcome visitors from all over the world since the upcoming months». So says the Mayor of the Municipality of Palermo, Roberto Lagalla.

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