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Italian Literature in Translation


Italian Literature in Translation

The new volume of Italian Literature in Translation is out now. It features extracts from novels by Italian contemporary women writers never previously published in English.

As editor Loredana Lipperini states in her foreword: "The female authors proposed in this short selection [...] are all profoundly embedded in the world surrounding them, despite their different ages, provenance, and interests. They either retrieve and analyse it through the lens of history – great History with a capital H or the tiny history of hamlets – or dissolve it lyrically in visionary narrations that can concern love, death, or both, the family as a cradle of horrors or as a suffocating nest, the difficulty of overcoming existential or generational wounds, and the mysterious ways of desire. [...] Whichever path they choose, they always do so fearlessly."

Volume III. Women Writers

Novels by Giulia Caminito, Eleonora C. Caruso, Teresa Ciabatti, Sara Gamberini, Antonella Lattanzi, Chiara Palazzolo, Carmen Pellegrino, Letizia Pezzali, Domitilla Pirro, Laura Pugno, Evelina Santangelo, Carola Susani.
Excerpts selected and edited by Loredana Lipperini.
Graphic design and layout by Silvana Amato.
Volume III. Women Writers. Download the pdf
Volume III. Women Writers. Download the epub (zipped folder)

Hard copies are available.
If you are a British publisher, agent, editor, playwright, director or journalist and would like to receive one, please get in touch. Please note: due to Covid19, shippings may take longer than usual.


The project and the previous volumes

Starting with the literary case of Elena Ferrante, over the last few years Italian literature has experienced a great success in the English-speaking world. The amount of translations has more than doubled, and authors who were only familiar to Italian literary experts have now started appearing in English bookshops.
It seems to us that this tendency is in line with a greater opening of the British publishing market towards European and international authors, also thanks to positive responses from literary critics and successful sales.
However, many important authors are still waiting to be ‘discovered’ by English readers. In these volumes you shall find a selection of extracts from novels by Italian authors who have yet to be translated into English, ranging from established writers such as Walter Siti to newer voices such as Letizia Muratori and Giorgio Falco; Giuseppe Ferrandino’s pressing noir style, the irony and vitality of Cesarina Vighy, and much more. Also, you shall find the diversity of the experiences of Italian contemporary theatre writing, sometimes moving with great originality between theatre, high-end TV and cinema.

Volume II. Theatre

Plays by Lucia Calamaro, Linda Dalisi, Liv Ferracchiati, Marcello Fois, Tahar Lamri, Giuliana Musso, Fausto Paravidino, Mattia Torre.
Excerpts selected and edited by Monica Capuani.
Volume II. Theatre. Download the pdf

Volume I. Fiction

Novels and short stories by Giorgio Falco, Giuseppe Ferrandino, Giorgio Fontana, Luciano Funetta, Michele Mari, Letizia Muratori, Antonio Pascale, Marco Peano, Christian Raimo, Walter Siti, Paolo Sortino, Stefano Valenti, Cesarina Vighy, Paolo Zanotti.
Excerpts selected by Nicola Lagioia and edited by the Italian Cultural Institute in London.
Volume I. Fiction. Download the pdf