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We are pleased to inform you that our Library is now open:

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 1.30 pm.

• every Wednesday afternoon, 2 – 5 pm.

Should you have any special needs, would like to receive more detailed information about our collections or need any assistance in consulting our online catalogue, please do not hesitate to write to: 


Italian Cultural Institute Library
39 Belgrave Square
London SW1X 8NX
020 73964425


ICI London is delighted to be part of EUROLIS, an association of librarians and information professionals from Austria, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK from the European Cultural Institutes based in London. Founded in 2002, Eurolis believes that libraries and information services are vital for building an educated and open society, building the idea of a free Europe that flourishes through its diversity and tolerance of other cultures. This collaborative project is created by trust and cooperation between its members, emphasising that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Eurolis’ mission is to raise the profile of European library services in the UK, with the primary aim of promoting our countries’ literature, languages, and cultures.

Eurolis’ main services are:

SEMINAR to work closely and share knowledge with each other and our partners. Eurolis organises an annual seminar on relevant topics for all librarians, teachers, and information professionals in the UK with expert speakers from participating countries;

EUROTOOLBOX to promote European-Language Material in British Libraries. Eurotoolbox is a special collection of literature for children and young adults in French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, put together by the respective European Institutes’ librarians, is offered to acquisition librarians who are interested in promoting European languages to young people. The collection is a FREE loan for professional librarians to borrow for two weeks or more at a time! Click HERE for more info.