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The illuminated manuscripts from Pope Benedict XIV's collection (1740-1758)



The illuminated manuscripts from Pope Benedict  XIV's collection (1740-1758)

Wednesday 25 January, 6pm 

The illuminated manuscripts from Pope Benedict XIV's collection (1740-1758)


A conference by Maria Giovanna Fadiga Mercuri (Italian Embassy in San Marino), Barbara Bertoni (IMAGO Editions) and John Lee (British Library)

Greetings by Katia Pizzi

In the presence of HE Inigo Lambertini, Italian Ambassador to the UK and HE Sergio Mercuri, Italian Ambassador to San Marino

An event organised by ICI London in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in San Marino


A journey to the Middle Ages and into the art of writing, told through the analysis of the illuminated masterpieces that belonged to an enlightened Pope, Benedict XIV, born Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini, who loved books and their history.

Three codes, belonging to IMAGO and selected among the reproductions of the most valuable within the large Lambertini collection, will be displayed at the Institute and their origins and development will be explored thanks to an artistic and textual analysis, up to the description of the modern techniques in the conservation and reproduction of these invaluable masterpieces.

The three manuscript reproductions on display are:

1) Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis by Maestro Guillebert de Metz, Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria (BUB), Ms. 1138

2) Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis, Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria (BUB), Ms. 1140

3) Bibbia Armena, Bologna, Biblioteca Universitaria (BUB), Ms. 3290


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Data: Mer 25 Gen 2023

Orario: Alle 18:00

Organizzato da : Italian Embassy in San Marino; ICI London

In collaborazione con : Italian Embassy in London

Ingresso : Libero


ICI London