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Gio 28 Set 2023Dom 03 Dic 2023
A Story Backwards – RM Collective at Auto Italia (London)

Preview: Thursday 28 September 6–8 pm The exhibition continues until 3 December 2023 ICI London is pleased to support A Story Backwards, a new site-specific installation and the first solo exhibition in the UK by the Geneva and Berlin-based artist collective RM, commissioned and produced by Auto Italia, London. The artists employ narrative and staging […]

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Mer 13 Set 2023
IMSoGB – New Perspectives and Current Role of Technology and Social Media in Healthcare

The Italian Medical Society of Great Britain (IMSoGB) continues its series of symposia on healthcare research and innovation at the Italian Cultural Institute in London. The focus of this event will be on new perspectives and the current role of technology and social media in healthcare. The symposium is held under the auspices of the […]

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Dom 10 Set 2023Gio 19 Ott 2023
Open Dialogo – Artist Residency

The cultural exchange programme, Open Dialogo is an open competition designed to select four D/deaf and disabled dance practitioners from Italy and England engaging them in bilateral Artist Residencies. The project is managed by Stopgap Dance Company, and it began with a set of free webinar series in May 2023. The next phase of the […]

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Lun 16 Ott 2023
Match Point Literary Prize 2023 – Award giving ceremony

On the 23rd Edition of the Italian Language Week in the World, ICI London is pleased to host the award-giving ceremony of this literary prize for unpublished short stories in Italian written by UK residents, about our dreads and fears that could be comical or tragic, rational or irrational. An initiative by Il Circolo Italian […]

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Mar 26 Set 2023Mer 27 Set 2023
Young Music Italy #4. A Tribute to Maestro Franco Medori

ICI London is pleased to introduce the fourth event of a series of concerts “Young Music Italy” aimed at showcasing the best of Italian craftsmanship and the most promising Italian musical talents. In collaboration with pianist Alfredo Conte, ICI London will host two days of music as a tribute to Maestro Franco Medori, who was […]

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Mer 20 Set 2023
AGM Annual General Meeting – IL CIRCOLO

ICI London will host the Annual General Meeting of the Italian Cultural Association Il Circolo. The programme 2024 will be presented to both members and the general public. Followed by two special events. At 4 PM David Garforth in conversation with Etta Carnelli De Benedetti Ballet and music conductor Garforth will share with the audience […]

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Dom 01 Ott 2023Ven 27 Ott 2023
The Italian Effect

ICI London is pleased to announce a new show, The Italian Effect, at the Italian Cultural Institute in London, curated by Stephen Farthing, RA. Supported by ICI London, The Italian Effect presents a selection of artworks by artists living in the United Kingdom who have, for a reason or another, chosen to invest their creative […]

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Gio 07 Set 2023
Tenebre – Roman Nights

To mark the nomination of Rome to Expo 2030 the Italian Cultural Institute in London has curated the series “Roman nights”, showcasing some of the best films shot in Rome. While most of the choices will belong to the Neorealismo – a movement in Italian cinema characterised by stories set among the poor and the […]

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Mer 06 Set 2023
Il Circolo di Lettura 2023: Milioni di milioni di Marco Malvaldi

INCONTRO ONLINE (via ZOOM) Continuano gli incontri de Il Circolo di Lettura 2023, dedicato a sette romanzi molto diversi tra loro per temi, anno di uscita, stile di scrittura e genere letterario. Ma in ognuno di essi si può scorgere una qualche forma di ironia come scelta stilistica per raccontare la vita, anche negli aspetti […]

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Mer 06 Set 2023Mar 12 Set 2023
Open City Documentary Festival – Montegelato by Davide Rapp

Within the frame of the Open City Documentary Festival, Expanded Realities showcases innovative works of non-fiction made outside of conventional filmmaking technologies. This year’s programme includes formats such as VR, video games, interactive films, and audio. ICI London is pleased to support Montegelato by Davide Rapp. In central Italy, Montegelato waterfalls have been used as […]

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