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SOPHIE KO | GEOGRAFIA TEMPORALE. Art Exhibition curated by Elena Re

Sophie Ko – immagien sito web
Sophie Ko - immagien sito web

ICI London is thrilled to launch the first art exhibition by artist Sophie Ko in the UK, Geografia temporale, curated by Elena Re in collaboration with Galleria de’ Foscherari in Bologna. Sophie Ko’s works will be presented on two different occasions, starting at ICI London and followed by an installation at the Estorick Collection Of Modern Italian Art.

ICI London’s Director, Francesco Bongarrà, and Consul General of Italy, Domenico Bellantone, are delighted to invite you to the first art exhibition Geografia temporale by artist Sophie Ko.

This art exhibition aims to show Ko’s creative path. Investigating her works like geographic maps, the audience will enjoy Ko’s paintings as different landscapes, where some works are made of ashes from burnt images, and others might contain pure pigments stratified in gold dust. Gravity is the main subject of this show, able to transform the paints over time, in a process that represents an expression of continual rebirth. As Elena Re, the curator, states: “With these works, Sophie Ko paved the way to her approach to conceiving figuration, coming up with something that straddles painting and sculpture, something that only time can draw”.

ART EXHIBITION | Geografia temporale. From 6th to 19th of February, Mon – Fri, from 10 am to 5 pm, at ICI London (39 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8NX). Free Entry. No Booking is required.


The installation Interventions: Sophie Ko will open at the Estorick Collection of Modern Art from the 7th of February. This project takes inspiration from the artist Giorgio Morandi’s works, which are part of the permanent collection at the Estorick Collection of Modern Art. Sophie Ko aims to create a dialogue on the notion of time between the paintings of the great Italian master and her own. The result is “Temporary Geography”, an installation that follows its rhythm through ashes and black pigments.

To visit Intervention: Sophie Ko curated (7 – 25 of February) at the Estorick Collection of Modern Art: Sophie Ko: Temporal Geography – Estorick Collection

Sophie Ko (1981) lives and works in Milan. Ko’s artistic practice lies in the concept of time, which is explored by intense symbolic interactions with the materials she employs – mostly ashes of burnt images and pure pigments – and the images created. The change and instability of materials about the flow of time are some of the constants of her artistic research. For Instance, Geografia temporale provides an exemplification of a series of works eternally suspended between the act of creation and that of destruction. Conceived through a conceptual and formal negotiation between sculpture and painting, these works stage “a bond made of weight, pressure, gravity, and the destruction of time on images, but also of formation, depth, return, and rebirth concerning the passage of time”. Her projects aim to explore the caducity and mutability of existence.

Elena Re is an art critic and independent curator. Re works with public and private institutions, both in Italy and abroad. She explores Italian art through cultural projects, exhibitions, lectures, and publications. Her interest lies in the thought that precedes the artwork as well as in a transdisciplinary approach to art as a whole. Her research thus ranges from conceptual photography to radical architecture and the notion of the multiple.

  • Organizzato da: IIC Londra, Consolato Generale d'Italia a Londra