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Loan terms and conditions

Registered library users can borrow up to 4 books, 1 film and 3 CDs at any one time;

The loan periods are:

4 weeks for books, CDs, CD-ROMs

2 weeks for DVDs

It is possible to extend the loan of the items which you have borrowed as long as the same items have not been reserved by another

The loan of films can be renewed only under special circumstances. Encyclopaedias, special and rare editions, magazines and periodicals are excluded from loan.

From our On line Catalogue members of the library have access to a special Users Area where it is possible to request the loan and reservation of items which are out on loan, via email.

On request, books and films may be borrowed, free of charge, by schools, universities and other cultural institutions for academic
and educational purposes.

Books and audiovisual material can be received and returned by post only under special circumstances (i.e. the subscriber lives very far from London, is disabled etc.). Return postage expenses are the responsibility of the borrower.

Library members are responsible for taking care of the items they borrow. If items are lost or damaged while being borrowed, the borrower will be responsible for providing a suitable compensation to the Library.

Contravention of the Library rules, in extreme circumstances, can lead to the withdrawal of membership.