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3, 2, 1…Action! #2


3, 2, 1…Action!

Behind the scenes with Italian talents working in the international film industry

We are delighted to present a series of three events dedicated to the film industry, seen from behind the scenes. An original project produced by Nervosa Pictures, curated by Alessandra Gonnella and Giorgia Cecconi


Thursday 20 June, 6.30pm

3, 2, 1…Action! #2

Heads of Departments

An evening with the experts who, from behind the scenes, make the cinema “magic” possible: the people in charge of Hair & Make Up, film scores composition, scene artists and special effects, who give their invaluable contribution to the realisation of films and TV series which then go on to win important awards like BAFTAs and Academy Awards. With Valerio Bonelli (responsible for the editing of films such as Philomena, The Darkest Hour, The Martian, he has been long-term collaborator of  directors Joe Wright e Stephen Frears), Giacomo Mineo (VFX Supervisor of Academy – Award winner film Oppenheimer), Fabio Amurri (Composer, most recently for Call My Agent Italia, Miss Fallaci, Vita Da Carlo), Dimitri Scarlato (Composer, recently for the film Folle D’amore: Alda Merini by Roberto Faenza and in charge of composition at the Royal College of Music), Lorenzo Bertolazzi (Location Manager of films including Empire of Light by Sam Mendes), Emanuela Piu (Art Director, recently worked with Ridley Scott, House of Gucci, Napoleon, Gladiator 2), Nicola Sadori (Art Director,has worked for, among others, Silo, 355, Pennyworth), Miryam Jacomini (Set designer for The Wife and Her House Husband), Teresa Orlando (First director assistant, worked on, among others, Dune 1 & 2, Watchmen, Emily), Giuditta Natale (Editing secretary, worked on , among others, a M – il figlio del secolo, La Sirenetta, Enola Holmes).

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  • Organizzato da: ICI London
  • In collaborazione con: Nervosa Pictures